Locomotive Time Bomb

A look at Mapuche resistance against Columbus Day in so-called Chile, Normalista students throwing it down in Guerrero, Kurds kicking ISIS ass in Kobane, plus an interview with Maude from Tache D’Huile about the dangers of shipping oil by train.

Year 2014 Length 13.5 MINS

Ferguson: Chronicle of an insurrection

An in depth look at the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri following the police murder of Michael Brown, plus an interview with former Black Panther Ashanti Alston.

Year 2014 Length 21 MINS

Global Fuckin Warming

A look at how truly fucked the world’s ecosystems have become, and what peeps are doing about it.

Year 15.5 MINS Length 2014

A History of the Black Bloc

A short history of one of the most replicated tactical formations in the modern era – the muthatfuckin black bloc!

Year 2014 Length 14 MINS

Food Fight!

Food riots in Venzeuela, a report on La ZAD, clashes in Spain and more!

Year 2014 Length 18.5 MINS

Organizing Revolt

A look at nazis in the Ukraine, anti-fracking struggles, an interview with Peter Gelderloos on Barcelona’s assembly movement, and more!

Year 2014 Length 18.5 MINS

The War on Christmas Trees

The doomsday clock won’t keep proper time, the Zapatistas turn 20, and a look at anarchists hatred of Christmas trees.

Year 2014 Length 14.5 MINS