13 thoughts on “It is Happening Again”

  1. anonymiss

    Great video and reporting. I highly suggest you start using subtitles at certain times so certain dialogue is more clearly and easily understood:)

  2. Anarcho

    Great job as always Stim. Thanks for your ongoing awesome coverage of Montreal, we appreciate it. Hopefully we can give you some nice riot porn tomorrow for our annual fuck the pigs rendez-vous.

  3. Ourmanflint

    wow, best in a while. good point above get subs on the freeanon part. That shit needs to be understood.

  4. annoyed

    Anyone else having a real hard time loading this video??

  5. rewqer

    so grood.

  6. Nadie

    it’s necessary

  7. Nadie

    es necesario poner subtitulos, aunque sean en ingles.
    you need to put subt, even in English.

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  9. magruder

    catch all your vids but will no longer play new player format?

  10. Sorry to hear that. What OS u on? Also what browser? Until then u can download the MP4 and watch on VLC

  11. Fucking Anon

    Please, use SSL, any F* can track people whos visiting here! Please HTTPS!

  12. Those Montreal fuckers gotta fight back better…

  13. Anrcho

    Absolutely, there’s barely any resistance other than passive in most protests. We are very much plagued with “paciflics” (pacifists who act like cops) who refuse to acknowledge other tactics and will often try to stop them.

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