A documentary series offering in-depth anarchist analysis on a range of topics, themes and spaces of resistance. Intended to be watched in groups.

Trouble #24 – Organize: For Autonomy & Mutual Aid

The final installment of Trouble looks at anarchist strategies, visions and methods of organizing.

Trouble #23 – Prelude to a Disaster

Trouble 23 takes a closer look at climate change, its implications, and the shortcomings of the mainstream environmental movement.

Trouble #22 — Crossing the Line

In episode 22, we take a look at the worsening situation at the US/Mexico border, the US immigration system, and the implications of heavily militarized borders on stolen land.

Trouble #21 – Land & Freedom

Trouble #21 episode takes a deep dive into anti-colonial struggles in Turtle Island and in Palestine.

Trouble #20 – Inside-Out: Against Prison Society

In the 20th edition of Trouble, subMedia takes a closer look at the Prison-Industrial-Complex.

Trouble #19 – Quiet Storm: Technology & Social Control

In this month’s episode of Trouble, we look at technology – specifically at the growing nexus between mass data collection, artificial intelligence and surveillance.

Trouble #18 – ACAB

For the first Trouble episode of 2019, subMedia rings in the new year by looking at the institution we love to hate: the cops.

Trouble #17 – Mad Worlds: Redefining Sanity Through Struggle

Trouble #17 explores mental health, and radical solutions to the problems causing mental un-wellness.

Trouble #16 – Conspiracy to Riot: The Case of the J20 Resistance

This episode of Trouble looks at the riotous protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump, carried out under the banner #DisruptJ20… and the historic trial that followed.

Trouble #15 – And You Don’t Stop: Hip Hop as Resistance

This installment of Trouble is subMedia’s 35-minute love letter to radical hip hop.

Trouble #14 – Fighting Where We Stand: Struggles for Autonomous Spaces

In this month’s episode of Trouble, subMedia showcases three ongoing land defence struggles: the Unist’ot’en Camp, the autonomous spaces movement in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the eco-defence occupation known as La ZAD.

Trouble #13 – Defend the Block: Fighting Back Against Gentrification

In this month’s Trouble, sub.Media talks to comrades in Montreal, the Bay Area and Berlin to see how people in these cities are fighting back on attacks on their communities by developers, real estate speculators and the tech industry.

Trouble #12 – There Goes the Neighbourhood: Gentrification as Class Warfare

This episode examines gentrification as a process of capitalist urban development, by taking a closer look at how it’s playing out in three mega-cities: Toronto, New Orleans and Istanbul.

Trouble #11 – Destroying Domination: Revolutionary Feminism in an Age of Misogynist Reaction

In this month’s edition of Trouble, sub.Media takes a look at patriarchy as an enduring system of social, economic and political control.

Trouble #10 – School’s Out: Student Struggles Against Capital & the State

The second in a two-part series marking the 50th anniversary of the student-led uprisings of 1968, sub.Media continues to shine a light on contemporary student struggles from around the world.

Trouble #9 – Learning to Resist: Student Struggles Against Capital & the State

subMedia pays homage to the insurgent youth who partook in the global uprisings of 1968by taking a look at some contemporary student-led movements that are still tearing things up around the world.

Trouble #8 – Hack the System: The Internet as a Battlefield

In Trouble #8 we look at hacking as an act of resistance and how states are weaponizing the internet.

Trouble #7 – No Permission Needed: Mutual Aid in an Age of Climate Catastrophe

In this month’s episode of Trouble, we look at individuals carrying out front-line disaster relief using a decentralized framework rooted in solidarity and mutual aid.

Trouble #6 – Adapt & Destroy: Counterinsurgency & Social War

In this month’s episode of Trouble, we interview individuals as they explain some of the main principles of counterinsurgency, and identify historical and contemporary examples of how they are put into practice.

Trouble #5 – You Are Being Watched: Movement Defense Against State & Corporate Surveillance

In Trouble #5 we bring you first-hand accounts of people dealing with snitches and undercover cops and how to navigate the brave new world of digital surveillance.

Trouble #4 – No Justice… Just Us: Movement Defense Against State Repression

In this episode of Trouble, we interview a number of individuals engaged in legal defence and prisoner solidarity, and look at some of the ways we can begin to build movements that are more resilient in the face of state repression.