subMedia Shorts

Our collection of short news segments, riot porn mash-ups, action recaps, front-line reportbacks, hot takes, and calls for support – all optimized for social media attention spans.

Esp(A)co Mutual Aid Fundraiser Update #2

An update on the flooding in Porto Alegre.

Esp(a)ço Mutual Aid Fundraiser Update #1

An on the ground update on the recent flooding in Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul.

Support Anarchist Mutual Aid in Rio Grande Do Sul

Support Anarchist Mutual Aid efforts in the wake of record breaking flooding in so-called Brazil.

82 Cities, 19 Countries, 6 Continenents, 483 Arrests: A Recap of the A15 Actions

The fight for Palestinian freedom cannot be won through symbolic action. The actions taken on April 15th cost hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars to an economy that profits off of colonialism and war. Escalation has just begun. Palestine must be free in our lifetime.

April 15th Coordinated Economic Blockade to Free Palestine

On April 15th, people from over 30 cities around the world will launch a global economic blockade to demand a free Palestine. To join the fight for collective liberation visit

Blocking Israel’s War Machine

October 30th Action in Toronto shuts down INKAS Armored in solidarity with Palestine.

Resistance to Cop City Continues: Week of Action June 24th to July 1st

Come to the next Week Of Action from June 24 to July 1st. Friends, neighbors, and family — let’s gather our forces. THE EARTH WILL STILL BE HERE WHEN COP CITY FALLS.

Defend the Atlanta Forest Week of Action

From March 4-11, supporters of the Defend the Atlanta Forest movement will converge in the Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta. There will be a two-day music festival, workshops, discussions, and many ways to take an active part in the movement.

Asheville’s 2023 New Years Eve Bail Action

A reportback from Asheville’s NYE noise demo with members of Pansy Collective and the Mountain Area Abortion Doula Collective.

A Call to Action: Defend Weelaunee Forest

We call on all people of good conscience to stand in solidarity with the movement to stop Cop City and defend the Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta.

Kolektiva: Social Media By and For Anarchists

This is our chance to re-imagine social media, and our relationship to it. To rediscover the lost promise of the Internet. To construct new digital worlds in the burning shell of the old. And to do it together.

Help Spread Anarchy

As anarchists, we know that the new world we seek will never be handed to us. We will need to build it. Together.

Woman Life Freedom – A Message From Iran

The flames of uprising are once again burning in Iran. Yet, it seems different this time. A revolution is afoot, a feminist revolution.

Watching subMedia Changed My Life: Find Out How!

We caught up with real anarchists whose lives have been changed by donating to subMedia! Donate to subMedia today!.

Support subMedia

Fundraiser video Summer 2022.

Submedia Presents: The Anarchists

DeeDOS reacts to the new HBO Docuseries “The Anarchists”.

Support the Fight for Freedom in Kurdistan

The Kurdish revolution does not only face attacks from the fascist state of Turkey. Now Iraq is also attacking the mountainous region of Shingal. The population has promised to resist, and for this all international help and solidarity is essential! Action is needed now!.

Defend Atlanta Forest

Support the Defend Atlanta Forest week of action May 8th – 15th.

RBC Montreal Offices Vandalized in support of Wet’suwet’en

On April 11th 2022 a group of Montreal anarchists snuck into Royal Bank of Canada offices with a message for them.

Strikes and Pickets 101

A brief primer in Labor Organizing celebrating the most recent wave of strikes.

Solidarity Is Our Weapon

Cross border solidarity is needed to help the people of the Ukraine to resist the Russian Empire and its World. You can support ABC Dresden efforts at