Submedia Presents: The Anarchists

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the desolate lands known as the internet in 2022 this summer, you have probably heard of the recent HBO documentary series titled “The Anarchist”. This pathetic excuse for a docuseries follows the story of a wealthy Canadian white guy who started a conference in Mexico called “Anarchapulco,” in hopes of promoting anarcho capitalism. The series then follows an array of wealthy westerners who have decided that Mexico is the land of freedom that will save them from the stifling bureaucracies of modern life.

After watching the first episode were here to say that “anarcho capitalism” is not anarchism.

In fact, It is literally the opposite of anarchism. While anarchists seek to abolish all forms of domination and hierarchy, these libertarians further it while cosplaying as “rebellious anti-statists” that support private tyranny, subjugation through private ownership of resources, and wearing popped color polos like its still 2004.

The “anarchists” of this show have no praxis except circle jerking about their shared hatred for paying taxes, buying cryptocurrency, and simping for Ayn Rand. Anarcho capitalists believe that society should be run by a handful of unfettered profit seeking companies and think that while all governments are dishonest and selfish they should be allowed free to be as selfish and dishonest as they want.

Whether not HBO actually thinks these “anarchists” are reputable or not, HBO is a business that is just using the word “anarchist” as a scandalous marketing ploy to attract profit via internet virality that does nothing except make people believe that anarcho capitalism is any real form of anarchism.

So, HBO, the next time you want to document real anarchists, come find us in the streets.