82 Cities, 19 Countries, 6 Continenents, 483 Arrests: A Recap of the A15 Actions

On April 15th, a historic resistance spread across 82 cities, spanning 18 countries and 6 continents coordinating economic blockades in solidarity with Palestine.

Inspired by the Palestinian resilience and anti-colonialist struggle, protesters worldwide autonomously carried out actions at nearly a dozen ports, blockaded three international airports, and shut down numerous commercial highways. The movement shut down operations in 20 factories worldwide, in a rage against their complicity in the occupation of Palestine.

Why did the call for economic blockades on April 15th spread like wildfire across the world? 75 years of occupation is too long. The destruction and genocide in Gaza was the final straw.

The fight for Palestinian freedom cannot be won through symbolic actions. The actions taken on April 15th cost hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars to an economy that profits off of colonialism and war. Escalation has just begun.

Palestine must be free in our lifetime.