Kolektiva: Social Media By and For Anarchists

This is our chance to re-imagine social media, and our relationship to it. To rediscover the lost promise of the Internet. To construct new digital worlds in the burning shell of the old. And to do it together.

The old paradigms are dying. It’s long past time that those who want to overthrow this miserable system break our addiction to data-mining surveillance platforms, built and maintained by our enemies.

Kolektiva.social is a Mastodon instance built by and for anarchists. It is just one small node in a larger decentralized network called the Fediverse. Unlike other Twitter alternatives like Koo or Hive, the software and apps that power this network are all open source, with each server setting its own rules, free from the influence of ad-driven algorithms and billionaire tech-bro CEOs.

There is great potential here, but whether we realize that potential depends on all of us. That’s why we’re calling on you to get involved.