Esp(a)ço Mutual Aid Fundraiser Update #1

We are so grateful to everyone who donated so far and would like to send our most sincere THANK YOU!

If you haven’t yet, there’s till time to share or donate to our GoFundMe here:

While the rains have stopped for now, the Jacuí river has still overflowed its banks and the floodwaters have yet to recede. Many of Porto Alegre’s water treatment plants remain completely submerged with tapwater only accesible in the far southern portion of the city.

For the sake of transparency; the subMedia collective is raising these funds which we will send to our comrade in Porto Alegre who is involved with the Esp(a)ço community center.

Again, we want to thank everyone who donated and shared this fundraiser within their circles, it means the world to us.

<3 The Crew at subMedia