Esp(A)co Mutual Aid Fundraiser Update #2

The waters are receding in Porto Alegre and the massive undertaking of cleaning the mess left behind by the floods has begun. Some of our comrades have been able to return to their squats and begin assessing the damage.

Donations have already been used to buy protective gear; like goggles, gloves and rubber boots, to protect those cleaning up the wreckage from diseases often associated with floodwaters like leptospirosis.

Comrades have also purchased a pressure washer to share freely with those within their communities and power inverters to help the indigenous Mbya Guarani community, who are reclaiming their lands in the south of Porto Alegre, rebuild their solar power system. As we take stock of the extensive damage, we have decided to raise our fundraising goal to $7500 CAD.

We’d like to say our special thanks to those who have already donated, shared and showed solidarity. Your donations have already made a significant effect for the Anarchist and Indigenous communities in the lands in southern so-called Brazil.

See the fundraiser at: