I Think I’m Emma Goldman

One of our favorite anarcho rappers is Sole. A while back we had a convo about the importance of anarchist media, and if we were a new age fucks, we’d say the stars where aligned and our timings collided like two super burritos on a sumo stage. Anywho, he made a song, shot a video, sent us the files and we let the video ninjas chop that shit up. This homage to Emma Goldman was a fuckin treat to work on, and we hope to work on more music videos in the future. Shit was fun! Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “I Think I’m Emma Goldman”

  1. Annie

    Radically informative and blood pumping

  2. KRS

    your rhymes is wack! slick video tho.

  3. Chris

    KRS? Must not be the ONE, cause Teacha teach that putting down your brother as being garbage keeps both you in poverty. When you exalt each other you create wealth.
    Mutual Aid, Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun.


  4. Name

    Hahahah, big EF to that twerp Chris hedges

  5. Annie

    Truly listen to these lyrics. They are accurate and connected to the societies we associate with. A governed society needs to be deconstructed, rather than simply accepted. Knowledge is empowering. Don’t be fearful of the unfamiliar. It’s unfamiliar for a reason.

  6. maryam

    can anyone help me find the lyrics for my doctoral thesis on Emma Goldman’s Living My Life, the song is wonderful!

  7. Blind Donkey

    Loved everything about it, EXCEPT the Chris Hedges diss. “Empire of Illusion” is an important book, especially if you want to be armed with facts.

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