Christopher Dorner: Gravedigger in Uniform

This Week:

1. Greece’s civil war rages on
2. Egypt’s Black Bloc
3. Steven Seagal joins la migra, well sort of
4. Camover Berlin’s counter-surveillance game
5. Anonymous Pwns the Federal Reserve

**Music Break: NWA’s “100 Miles and Runnin’**

6. Christopher Dorner: Gravedigger in Uniform



7 thoughts on “Christopher Dorner: Gravedigger in Uniform”

  1. Ben

    Good one, Stim!!

  2. Glomerol

    Well of course, a culture that’s based on violence (forced payments for taxes, wage-slavery, debt-slavery, sweatshops, imprisonment, environmental destruction, foreign invasion, etc.)– via the arm of the thugs that are the police, military and the like– will show itself through what it is– in this case, via this cop-killing issue. The dog eating its own tail. Anarchy seems how we were– the small-scaled human-scale band, tribe. And we need to get back there, but I fear that, given that the state is an outcome of (population) scale, fed by oil/fossil fuels, this may not happen until the population is painfully reduced. Unfortunately, self-defense against violence seems to occasionally necessitate equal (or more) and opposite force. Unfortunately for the police many are sitting ducks with bright plumage. You may be more afraid of them than they are of you, but then again, they are unlikely to know your intent until the last minute. And we already know their ’embedded systemic violence-based’ intent.

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  6. any info. on the picture behind george
    ciccariello-maher? i really enjoy all
    your shows, but this is a real classic.
    thank you.

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