The Life and Crimes of Anarchist Bricklayer Lucio Urtubia

This week, we spend the whole show talking to legendary anarchist counterfeiter Lucio Urtubia. While I was touring with END:CIV this summer, I stopped by his pad in Paris to share a bottle of wine and talk about his life as a revolutionary criminal.

You can watch a biopic about his life here.

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9 thoughts on “The Life and Crimes of Anarchist Bricklayer Lucio Urtubia”

  1. Ourmanflint

    My man! I think you put me onto this guy when we met in BCN. Anyway, cracking story (people check it out), so from one exile to another and to all those that can never go home, keep it real.

  2. GodShaveTheQueen

    Great interview! Loved the quote at the end.

  3. FreeBornAngel

    Why does the video cut off, I don’t have emoney, but I have a real desire to keep anarchist history alive,….

  4. billy badazz

    Have you considered the 1983 television series V for dramatized footage of resistance? All paper money is fake. Gold is no alternative since it gives money to rich land owners. We must realize the power of our own hands. All the things we use were made by either nature or human hands. Money does not make anything, hands do. We must find a way to motivate our hands without the need for fake pieces of monopoly money.

  5. The1SoCalDave

    Loved the interview with this TRUE Revolutionary figure, whom I may never have known about without yourself (Mr. Stimulator)!

    Having trouble navigating your now-grandiose website, but I’ll figure it out. I do miss simply hitting my link to the site on my desktop and letting the anarchy fly, though. Keep it up, though!

    Much Love,

  6. Spend months generating bitcoin.

    Want donate to stimulator.

    Stimulator only take Rothschild dollars.

    Am sad.

  7. Gingy

    I shit on your god!

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