Anarchy in Puerto Rico

This week:

1. Zapatistas Rising
2. Idle No More stops the flows
3. New year’s eve noise demo
4. Storming Norman Rot in Hell
5. Is Bush Dead yet?
6. Killer Mike – Reagan
7. Anarchy in Puerto Rico

To help make a book about anarchism in Puerto Rico a reality, click here.

The clip at the beginning of the film is from “Murdoch Mysteries.” Thanks to Pat for letting me know about this.

*This week’s show is called Anarchy in Puerto Rico.
Please note that the latest video will not be available on youtube, as those fuckers blocked it worldwide due to “copyright violations.”

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25 thoughts on “Anarchy in Puerto Rico”

  1. B.Sanders

    The video wont play. The audio plays but the video wont. I get a blank screen. I tried streaming it and I downloaded it.

  2. Good vid, as usual. What’s the movie that’s playing at the beginning?

  3. Awesome video! Keep up the awesome work, Stimulator, finding this stuff and shooting us links to it, and waking up the sheeple and fighting the man…!

    Plays fine for me… if it doesn’t for you, you can right click the “Download” link under the video, and save it to your desktop, and try opening in with VLC / Videolan (, WIndows Media Player Classic, or QuickTime.

    Stimulator, the original link to the video page was wrong in your email was wrong…. but had a link to this page which is the right page. So you may want to some day shoot it back out there again.

    I plan to make some videos myself this year, slamming the fiction of the state, from speeches I am writing of a similar nature.

    I am the Weapon that will Destroy the State

  4. BBCee

    Ditto. FYI. What the fuck, I need my riot porn! Werd to ya moms, i came ta drop god…

  5. john

    Wont load for me either…

  6. stimulator

    Video seems to be working for me. Hmmm…. It’s HTML five so in theory should work for everyone.

  7. I watched it in Google Chrome. May depend on your version of flash and your browser. Again, try right clicking the “Download” link under it and to the left, saving it, then playing it off your local desktop.

    Youtube probably wouldn’t allow him to upload it to Youtube because of several copyrighted music tracks inside the whole video.

    Only the first part of it is a clip excerpt from a movie… the rest of the video is his usual style Submedia broadcast video. I’d be interested to see the whole film as well. Some clue to it is given in the top left corner of it… “UK premiere”

  8. Jessica

    Free the land!

  9. Jessica

    The link you have to the war criminal norman schwartzkopff is actually laudatory, hope you can change that one, there are a few that link to his indictment by the peoples war tribunal, thanks

  10. I’ve always had troubles with any embedded HTML videos loading at a decent speed. I think that they lack the compression that screwtube put on them in order for them to play back smoothly so the embedded videos are full quality I believe.

    Or I could be talking out of my ass because of Mary Poppin’s inspirational speech at the start of the show.

  11. travis

    html5 not flash

  12. Jean

    It won’t play for me in any of the formats. Must be HD? Please let us know on FB if/when You Tube removes the ban.

  13. anarchist_cairo

    it plays but keeps is very fuzzy. It’s HTML5..probably webM, please use flash

  14. Near the end, when you’re thanking all the donators… is that Mario Bros 2 playing in the bg?

  15. BTW, your embed code is jacked-up, or rather one of the parameters is wrong. The file paramater should read like this if anyone’s gonna actually be enabled to watch the embedded video:


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  17. My Bad,98% of vid made it as .part file .Had to convert with youtubedownloader27 from .UPDATE 10jan – Vid Played & downloaded Fine.Thnx fer all ur Effortz.It means something…Oh,& 4u mozilla/aurora buffs> 3 new apps- MAFIAAFire:Gee No Evil, Redirector & The PiraaaateBayDancing. And fer u Win Guys, CHK out EMET ,MBSA , CCleaner , netrouteview ,autoruns & TrueCrypt. And Update syskey daily

  18. bcx

    clockwork orange

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  20. booman


  21. This web site consumes 100MB of RAM just be viewing it. Idles my CPU at 60% … press play on the JWplayer and RAM consumption goes up another 40MB+ and my CPU gets maxed out. That’s why video probably isn’t playing for some.

    Paypal = ChipIn = Corporate Cock Cheese

    … not fit for human consumption.

    Crowdsourced (web 2.0) content is probably a bad idea, let’s see if WordPress embeds work here …



    … guess we’ll find out.

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