12 thoughts on “So Now What?”

  1. Henke

    Thank so much Franklin! Your work is truly amasing!

    To all of resistance fighters out there, have a great end of this year and a happy continue of revolution 2013!

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  3. downloader

    no download link?

  4. stimulator

    Woops! Try now

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  6. Chernobyl

    Lovely stuff – well done once again!

  7. de-colon-ize

    Please, what is the song coming in at around 3:40??

  8. stimulator

    It’s a track by Tribe Call Red – google them, they are rad!

  9. Space Llama

    This cured my food poisoning! 😀

  10. B.Sanders

    Damn I was just about to suggest you check Sole Nuclear Winter Volume 2 and you beat me to itby putting at the end of the show. Great tunes. I got his CD as an extra from DIY bandits and liked it better than what I sent away for.

  11. arcata california

    hey stim whats the song playing right before the countdown in the Bahrain trouble makers segment?

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