6 thoughts on “Decolonize This!”

  1. A Nash

    I think many forget that the British forced many into displacement, many were ripped from their homes on trumped up charges, put in jail, shipped out to do forced labor in their colonies, in many parts of the world. They were white… no one wants to discuss it, but it is an ugly part of history. Their true crime was being poor.

    A NASH

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  4. critical thinker

    This is the video that brought me to your website.
    What I see is you perpetuating the stupidity of
    symptoms attacking other symptoms, keeping us
    all further at odds and separated, in the name of
    a populist kind of cynical mobilization. You
    perpetuate what both the left-wing and right-wing of
    colonization perpetuate. Demonizing people cannot
    solve anything. Furthering people’s hysteria
    against groups which act in alienated ways
    (whether cops or others like religionists) only
    adds fire to the fire. But you cannot “fit” that’ into your videos, can you? You call for people to
    “decolonize this” and I can. You are colonized
    in your reactionaryism. You are colonized in your
    superficial analysis that perpetuates severe
    alienation. You play your games towards the
    angry youth and you think you are doing something
    decolonial???? You’d do well to check out Gerald Taiaiake Alfred in his book Wasase (page 130) where this
    ex-soldier and Mohawk patriot shows how such perpetuation
    fits well within the settler/colonial ways of
    perpetual war, not commonality!

  5. Of course no complete critical discourse on any topic can fit into a 15 minute show. All of these are bits of info I hope peeps would do more research on and continue their self education. Check your own discourse, you roll up in here full of hubris and arrogance, talking about “stupidity” pfftt. If your intention was to start a friendly conversation about how to best transmit ideas, you fuckin failed.

  6. N Wahid Azal

    The colonizer first comes in and does his colonizing, committing cultural and physical genocide, then he pleads tolerance and lectures the colonized about tolerance. Fuck the colonizer and his two-faced hypocrisy!

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