Abolish the Police

This Week:

1. Cops don’t like freedom
2. Cops don’t like it when we hang out together
3. The police want to kill you
4. The cops protect the rich, the rich protect the cops
5. The cops fuckin hate you


6. Justice for Levi

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21 thoughts on “Abolish the Police”

  1. serious shit, irmao…

  2. Jeremy

    Fuck yeah stim, spell it out. Too bad most of us who love the show don’t really require any more convincing about this stuff but anyway … there it is, in case you’re still arguing “it’s just a few bad apples”.

    FTP cause ACAB, you know?

  3. Nobody

    I have donated before, so don’t take this as a criticism, just a question.
    Who would we have show up to protect people from robbers, armed gunmen, murderers, or those who would want to bring harm to others?
    A town without a sheriff sounds fun, but who will stop the gunslingers?

    Also I know you will bring up that the cops do these things too, but there are still many others that do these things outside of the police force.

  4. The cops “always come late, if they come at all”(Tracy Chapman). In other words, they dont protect you and legally have to obligation to protect you–its a lie. They’re more likely to use their force against you on behalf of “Da Man”.

    An armed public can protect itself–if allowed to–far more effectively than any police force. Get some gun training, get some martial arts training.

  5. “no obligation”, that is ^^^

  6. Thx for your comments. On Decolonize This I included a news segement about indigenous communities in Mexico that decided to provide their own security. So the people horizontally take care of cartel drug lords, rapists etc. The problem with the police is that they are institutionalized and they take orders from the elites, not from the people. Furthermore, issues around “crime” usually have to do with inequalities perpetuated by top down systems, ie capitalism, and policing people to “stop crime” is only a band aid non-solution because it doesn’t even stop crime. We have to fix the root causes if we want to live in safe communities.

  7. Thinker

    Modern police departments are nothing but a ‘Fraternal Order’, essentially a secret society born off the wings of the Freemasons. You are correct in your assessment that the ‘police force’ is an entity that exists to protect the interest of the ruling class. That’s the way the system was hijacked by the Lawyers.

    Given the option, as laid out in the original US states constitution, a county need only have an elected ‘Sheriff’ and the people he chooses to deputize. These officials (Historically from a US perspective) would only perform the duty of holding a suspect until Hapias Corpus, when the suspect visits the judge. There is no mention of a ‘Policing Force’ in the US constitution or any State Constitution..

    Modern policing has become a perversion of this system with the advent of the secret fraternal order of police, who, as pointed out in the video, are accountable to no-one. They exist only to collect pay and ‘Enforce law’ at the behest of the ruling class.

    What exists today, in the US at any rate, is a perversion of the simple Sheriff/Deputy model laid out for us in the founding state documents whereby a county elects their sheriff.

    They are in reality an illegal institution when compared to the US constitution. They have used Lawyers (those versed in law), not ‘Attorneys’ (those who defend), to subjugate and pervert and otherwise simple system.

    This perversion began with the Act of 1871 that was passed by congress creating a separate form of government for DC, essentially turning it into a corporation. It was decided that employees would be called “citizens.” So when you say in court or on paper, that you are a citizen of the United States, you are not a free American, but an employee of US Inc.

    Essentially, it put us back under British Maritime Admiralty Law, thus allowing this Masonic ‘Police Force’ to retake the land.

    Yes, our masters sold us back to Britain.

    More on the act of 1871 that put the swine in charge and sold you into slavery:


    Good job as always Stim. Viva la Revolution!

  8. ummmm

    can has mayday coverage 😀 in next episode?

  9. critical thinker

    Looks to me like you are doing the work of the police
    and c.i.a. for them by making sure no true
    demystification is made. One: The cops are like
    any soldier, they are mobilized to carry out
    strategic orders by their so-called superiors.
    They are kept isolated from thinking humanely, like any
    soldier, so that their managers can keep them
    where they want them. I invoke my “right” not
    to talk with the cops, yes. Very important.
    And yet, to push them away intellectually? To
    keep people hyped-up against them, and not the
    bigger picture of how managers and owners tool
    cops and other soldiers, you are perpetuating
    stupidity. You feel good because you got a
    shot in on them? Puh-lease. Yes, people are
    rightfully angry, but statecraft keeps us “under wraps”
    in thinking only of the cops/soldiers and never
    challenging anything except in reaction. Cops/soldiers
    are the decoys of the warfare state, period.

    Secondly, why do you give away our power by calling
    the severely alienated and insane, “rich”?
    Only in materials are they “rich”. Psychologically,
    they are off the deep end, illustrated by how
    they treat their own kids, i.e. forcing/coercing them
    into psych wards, military schools, etc.

  10. “You are doing the work of the police” what a fuckin cliché. You sound just like all the Alex Jones trolls out there. Cops are not like any soldier. They are organized differently and are given a certain level of autonomy. Check out Kristian Williams’ “Our Enemies in Blue” and you may learn a thing or two. I’m certainly not going to spend my time appealing to the cops to be on our side. I rather convince people who might be on the fence who our real enemies are. The cops definitely fit into that category.

  11. ze

    I dunno, that’s too ‘heady’ for me. How ’bout go get yourself–or your girlfriend or mom–tazed or shot to death or beaten to a bloody pulp and stuck in a cage by a gang of psycho cops and then have them cover it up and see what ya think…

    Naw, I call them “2ndary pscyhopaths”, the bad ones. Can’t cure ’em. Can only stay away from them or you know what…

  12. ze

    You might be able to ‘get through’ to the ‘good’ ones, but the other 95%, no way.

  13. Anon

    I think your going a bit far here. And if you want to make video that relates to people cool it on the swearing and maybe get a guest that doesn’t look like a hippie drug dealer.

  14. Maybe you should learn some fucking grammar, it’s “you’re” not “your” and cool it on being judgmental you prick.

  15. che'

    Bada boom! Nice!

  16. Deviationist

    The undercovers are angry…

  17. The Great Attila

    To me, killng a policeman is not a crime. I think people would be better off if they start killing some pigs. If these “people” can kill us, why can’t we kill them is response?

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