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  1. @WarisaRacket

    Hi, I’d like to give this site some free advertising. Can you start carrying some submedia shirts or hoodies?

  2. Gertjan

    Hey, I Belgium we have the same tradition as in Holland, but the big difference is that I Belgium they portrait Black Peter as a friend of ‘Sinterklaas’. They used to air this TV-show in Belgium where you could defenitely see that he was his friend, they even mentioned it in every episode. While in Holland, Black peter is portaited as a real slave, he has a Surinamese accent ( old Dutch colony) and they make him have thick lips.

  3. Jennifer

    Just found your site and love it! 56-year old woman here who is back at university to try and right at least some of the fucked up mess these assholes have created by helping these young people open their eyes and at least SEE what’s happening to them. Speaking of fucked up, any chance you can quit saying “mother” fucker? It’s offensive to those of us who are mothers to be associated with assholes. Anyway, I don’t know much about technology, but I know enough to prevent “inviting a vampire into my house…” that is to say, I am not on any social media nor do I ever plan to be. Enough about me. I will subscribe (?) to your channel and just wanted to give feedback that I think you — and your message — are awesome. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  4. ThenThis

    About: Black Peter is Racism

    What a way to function as a proxy for Capitalism.
    These traditions of commerce & trade go way back. Zwarte Piet might have been created in racist times but isn’t used in a racist way (these days anyway).
    But it is a great way to upset people on the Left to suggest that there way of life is racist.

    Amsterdam is known and respected (by Nelson) as a anti-apartheid city and now specially those people have to explain a 150 year old tradition. If we change it we would be masking and lying about our history. We have a racist history but we support & fight for equality & human rights. the Netherlands has a relative good record for decades.

    The Dutch (also Belgians Germans and more) had no tradition of giving gifts at Christmas. USA companies would like to see us give big gifts at Christmas instead of the symbolic gifts with a poem and some creative self made stuff at Sinterklaas.
    Dutch people on the Left in general are people that like Sinterklaas more then Santa Claus & Christmas because its less Commercial & Chritian. Its a way of not following commercial change from the USA and a way to keep there own culture & tradition.
    As a unofficial Rule there is no Christmas sales until Sinterklaas goes home at December 6.

    The Irony is that in its time (1850) zwarte Piet was a more respectful ways of looking at exotic people (Moors). In a time when black people where seen as dangerous animals you never see in real life, Zwarte Piet shows a civilized and friendly person visiting from far bringing gifts for all. It was also a step away from super natural thinking & figures like demons & monsters.

    Then there is the way zwarte piet is used to tell stories.
    It works like with the Smurfs. Sad Piet is always sad, Poet Piet makes the poems etc. And sometimes you will find a dumb Piet or a racist story line… if you would put it in other context. Because every person can use the Template to do anything. But more creative people make the good non-racist contributions and most of those people are from the left and not racist.
    To avoid recognition of the people from daily life the black makeup works very well … just like with clown makeup. Come to think of it where are the black clowns … and why are the mime faces always white?

    Maybe USA culture is just different from Dutch Culture and people putting on black makeup is insulting in the USA but not in The Netherlands because of tradition. Just like nobody goes crazy over sex, drug & religion in the Netherlands…. because of tradition.

  5. ThenThis

    PS: I am no fan of Popo’s but compared to the Worlds Worst Police Forces the Amsterdam Police Force are like Angels. The dutch police functions relatively good. Probably they where protecting the protesters against angry parents that won’t see it as free speech but as a provocation against there children.

    Then the idea that black people are threated as 2nd class people also makes no sense. What was shown where “illegal people” with no government help for housing, getting temporary housing from normal helpful people with limited means.
    If the Dutch government system works nobody (incl. legal immigrants) has to go without food or housing. And illegal people still get private help.

    I think more could be done for those people and maybe most of those should get a legal status in my opinion. But there is a limit to how many people can stay in the Netherlands and so they created rules that now lead to a stand off … with the dutch people that want to help these people. Inhumane? maybe, but not racist.

    Of course there is still a lot to be done to make every dutch person respect every person in the world as his equal.

  6. That… was… amazing! Thank you very much.

  7. ThenThis

    PS2: So the sad part is that by calling zwarte piet a racist tradition you will turn 80% of the people against you. When there are real problems that were mentioned of the illegal people that have no where to go.

    I would like to see a real contribution to solving that problem because its just a matter of framing the story in its true form. So people can own up to the problem. The Dutch government just doesn’t know what to do … at this moment. And just might need some inspiration.

  8. Niko

    Yo Stimulator, you’ve got some badass coverage of everything the rest of the media leaves out, and I’m so grateful for that. But you slam religion real hard in this video; don’t you think that is insulting to everyone in the world who uses religion as a form of empowerment? Liberation theology, for example?

    Don’t you think it’s possible to acknowledge the role that religion plays in the colonial white supremacist patriarchy without shaming theists by suggesting that we “destroy religion”?

  9. ThenThis

    re:”If we change it we would be masking and lying about our history”. is not correct – of course we can change and we have. Many parts are changed to avoid clear insults. but its a slow process and it didn’t go fast enough. The biggest problem is into what should we change it. People are working on it, lets see what next year brings.
    Some argue that keeping the tradition can help to remind us of our past. It might help people to get into the history. And in the same way the public attention brought to zwarte Piet brings many to at least think about the subject and not take it as a given.

  10. Blakblok Piet

    Maybe it is true, many Dutch people do not see the whole thing as ‘racist’ at all.
    But again, that is also the sad’ part about it.
    They don’t even see ‘it’ anymore.
    Cause it still is and looks kinda racist’, and I think, even if your right on that it was never invented with bad intensions, maybe even to present ‘black folks’ as pretty kind..it has the undertone, of them being the workslaves.
    It comes from times the Dutch (Spain, Portugal and the UK) were very busy shipping slaves and goods from exploited and stolen lands al over.
    The Dutch VOC was one of the big slave players back then. No matter if they informed or said sorry’ to Nelson M. later on (Rip, in all respect)

    This old tradition still is; A white man, on a horse, dressed well(better then..), in red and gold, and so ‘above’ the ‘walking slaves’ doing all the work.
    It is promoting a certain kind of hierachial (capitalist) structure, the one we like to see go away as soon as possible.
    Since I don’t want any bosses or leaders.

    A holy man, a man with some ‘extra power’, religious’ too…and then you have the black folks that are being ‘used’ as the foot soldiers- the working class so to speak.
    Even leaving all the ‘racist’ thoughts out of it, it still is kinda ‘facist’ to have this kind of structure so to speak. To promote such a vision to kids is not promoting any liberty or equality to me.
    Because it shows a power above the rest, no matter if the holy man (sinterklaas) is good or not.
    It is most of all (like Santa is) a very commercial thing, so hard to stop, cause profit is being made those happy days)
    No matter if it’s a old tradition without any real harm, some old stuf gotta go to give room for something better, more of another time with new thoughts not holding on to what is not worth keeping up.

    And btw, I hate to see the girls being sold in the red rooms and windows as some products to shitty Dutch and tourist people. If you think that is liberal’, they are actually killing the liberty here, selling people, creating more slaves to pay some fkkin rent. They got the biggest bro shit of the EU (next to London) and they have ‘zero tolerance’ and are closing down most coffeshops in the whole country.
    Meaning life’, tolerance, diversity, freedom is also being wiped out, leaving a gery and dead end commercial circus behind…with loads of frustrated, selfish, money stinking loving fools throwing their daily Burger King or Kentucky shit bags outta window in the green fields.
    Celebrating what?
    So Black Pieten’ have something to do..can pick m up as a underpayed job.

    With love

    Orange County

  11. Good point on Liberation Theology as a tool for well…. liberation. But I see if LT as a step towards liberation and not an end goal in itself. When I slam religion I do not slam spirituality – two different things. When I say “destroy religion” i mean destroy the hierarchical structures that control people, that have given us the inquisition and brutal conquest. I’m cool with peeps believing in Jesus or the flying spaghetti monster, that’s their individual choice, as long as their beliefs don’t support coercive religious institutions that impose their backwards beliefs on others.

  12. Hmm…. I wonder of black folks had a similar tradition that made fun of white folks every year during christmas. Please look at the blackface, big lips, golden earings, where Piet lands in the heirarchy. The shit is fuckin plain racist bullshit. It’s indefensible! A lot of the German people supported Hitler, and just because they were the majority doesn’t mean they were right. If 80% of Dutch people like Black Peter, well, y’all have your work cut out for you in teaching anti-racism. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw_mRaIHb-M

  13. Ruminat0r =P

    You know, there are many personal letters written in the US that demonstrate how white slave owners would often think of their property as close friends or even part of the family. It is common to find letters between family members expressing a sense of deep betrayal when these slaves would run away. “How could he do this to me? He was like a member of the family, and he repays us by running away?”.

    It should be obvious that if one enjoys the privilege of dominance, they can live in whatever narrative they want without so much as a thought that it could actually be a relationship of domination, much as you do now. When this is challenged, it almost even seems unfair based on their perspective, much like a toddler that learns for the first time that it cannot command the attention of anyone at any time.

  14. Ruminat0r =P

    Not really racist unless you take globalization into account; in which case you have a global south working under the directive of a global north, with no hope leaving. If you are from this global north, you may find how easy it is to go wherever you please, admitted into countries with visas that take months to expire for no better reason than you feel like going there. This is very difficult or near for say, Africans to do. The only option if one wants to move freely in this case is to be criminalized for it.

    The whole offense of course, is that these people come from an area of the world that has been determined to fulfill a specific function in a global socio-economic order, a function that they are not allowed to escape by fleeing to the relative comfort of Northern countries. this is apparent when their visa applications are denied, and the explanation is that their economic status and nationality presents them as a risk of overstaying their visa and disappearing into a society that they supposedly have no right be a part of.

  15. Snuden

    Loving the show as always, though I have one slight problem with your Thailand coverage, namely that these pig-hugging “protesters” want to reinstate the the old elite (So-called Hi-So) and strengthen the power of the Monarchy.

    On the other hand, the corrupt politicians in power are aligned with Thaksin Shinawatra, who was elected on a populist platform, primarily getting his votes from poor, rural Thais. Not denying the current government being corrupt, just saying that I have a hard time rooting for the ones instigating this last round of protests.

    Other than that, just keep the show rolling!

  16. Yep, very true. Sadly I most of the info I sourced was MSM and could not find solid peeps to give me more context. The MSM did not speak about the nuances about these pig huggers being monarchists! Clarification on the next show and thanks for calling this bullshit out!

  17. Amsterdamn

    Update on the squat of the paperless people in Amsterdam:
    After getting evicted last week and moving from social centre to social centre for a couple of days, we squatted a new place with them last Friday.
    Can’t stop, won’t stop!

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  19. Snuden

    Absolutely no problem!

    The more you know, right?

  20. ThenThis

    My Point was that we are kept busy with some BS while we should focus on the real problem of people being made illegal.

    I am not saying its all perfect but Sinerklaas is like a Religion for 3 weeks. People that other wise would agree with you have no time for you if you paint the most negative picture of there family traditions for what other people have done.

    We don’t need the American Framing of our Culture. Most people don’t think in those Black & White terms like in the USA.

    its not the answer but “Die Antwoord”

    See what happens if you look at this as being racist.
    And then learn more.

    and you can see how it evolved

    and then in the end of this you find the answer ;o)

  21. ThenThis

    Its like with religion you skip or change the bad parts and you maintain the positive message so as to keep the Grandparents happy. Some see Sinterklaas as a fightstance against Christmas and the commercializing of our society.
    I would like to see Nelson Mandela becoming our new Santa. But how will we tell the children that Santa Died and from now on we will be visited by Mandela.

    But I do agree that the Americanization has made things worse here the last 20 years.

  22. Niko

    Okay cool, I definitely agree with that stance–I just know that some of my friends would not interpret it the way you described.

    Just like it would be a bad idea to say “fuck sex work” when you really mean “fuck the unbalanced system of gender that coerces women into having sex to support themselves” because it would seem like you are shaming individuals–I think the same thing goes with religion.

  23. En Es Ay

    d.i.y.? stenciling/screensprinting is easy and fuck consumerism

  24. sunshine ward

    Just wanted to point out that this (another great) episode is not showing up in the podcast/miro feeds.

  25. Mickey

    That black piet was really stupid. Maybe it is a
    tradition with racist roots. But that link nobody
    really connect it with that anymore. He just a
    guy who gives toys to children. Should this
    tradition stop? I don’t really care.
    The thing I don’t like about it is that parents
    use it too frighten off their children when they
    don’t behave. Which I think is pathetic.

    It’s a stupid tradition but in spain they torture
    bulls in a arena as tradition. In the north of
    France it is still allowed for having cock-fights.
    All in the name of folklore – tradition.

    Anyway, the best way to end the black piet
    tradition, I think is to join it.
    Dress up like saint-Nicolas and black piet but in
    a poorly way. Then make sure you are seen by as
    much children as possible. So they see it’s just
    a man with a fake beard and a man with black make-up.
    And tell the children to ask their parents to
    stop lying to them.

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