The War on Christmas Trees

This week:

1. Aldeia resiste the world cock
2. The War on Christmas Trees
3. NYE Noise Demos
4. Rote Flora Defense
5. 20 years of Zapatistas
6. RATM – People of the Sun
7. Anarchists come out of the closet

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17 thoughts on “The War on Christmas Trees”

  1. Stefan

    I agree with the comment from the dude, struggles in Hamburg deserve a one-time show on it self by the Agitator!
    The documentary part by RATM from “The Battle of Mexico City” DVD is very good, it used to exists in HQ on youtube before, could only find it in LQ right now however:
    I know RATM is not the best example of independent artists… whatever.
    I love the last part in particular, will send some video in the next few months, too many struggles right now to find the time to do it good. Will try to get some of the €uropean comrades involved.

    Take care of yourself Stim,

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  3. KROW

    This was a kick-ass episode. We always enjoy these informative and rebellious vids up here in KKKanada
    I took part in the Mi’kmaq/Elsipogtog anti-fracking crisis. I appreciated you covering it.

    -Lil’ Krow

  4. I agree with above peeps… such LONG, pedestrian segment from shitty petty-bourgeois DisneyHolland interviewing petty-bourgeois anarchoids, while just a tiny bit on that major squat defense fight in Hamburg was awkward. Of course I skipped it, but BANDWIDTH!

  5. “petty-bourgeois anarchoids” Huh, pretty fuckin judgmental, not really knowing who the peeps are who spoke about anarchy in the second segment, and what they’ve been through. The peeps from Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Egypt have probably since more shit in the past 3 years that y’all have in your entire lives. There are many fuckin struggles to cover and not a lot of time and the hamburg struggle is very well covered in anarchist blogs and sites, while struggles in Brazil and Mexico not so much. A friendly suggestion, is to first not to jump to conclusions as to who is speaking and two, if you think a struggle is super important, do your part to cover it.

  6. Well, the ones interviewed really looked fashionable and shiny compared to the battle-hardened anarchs you’ll usually get across elsewhere in Europe, but I didn’t intend to cast such a harsh judgment on any other comrades there. Though Amsterdam is well-known in Europe as being a very liberal chic place with only a small milieu of cloistered radicals and many people playing dress-up anarchy, not unlike, say… Vancouver or Montreal. But it’s not like I’m calling you a liberal or something for covering this, okay?

    It’s always good to dive into wilder places. So next time you go to Europe, it could be a good idea to hang out with the anarchs engaged in actual occupation struggles, like in Italy or France… which isn’t much a novelty but still they’d enjoy more reporting from North America (like yours especially), I think. It’d sure bring some perspective to Canadian and US @’s who haven,t traveled much. Obviously, some connections deserve remain to be established, even at spectacular levels.

    and yeah you’re right I should be covering more radical struggles like we used to. Watch it.

    From a year ago… “A House is to be Taken, a Rent not to be Paid!”:

  7. I think RATM somehow were for real in their activism (at least during their ’90s “ELZN years”) but got trapped into their mass appeal-type agit-prop… attempting to use the Spectacle industry so naively yet ending up siphoned out by it, as it does to every damned artists collaborating with it… Surprise?

  8. Siouxs

    Good job Stimulator. (btw I will however not kill Barack hehe…maybe some other president(:
    Take care

  9. Jay

    Nah, even their “Zapatista phase” is totally fucked if you think about it. A sort of a condescending co-option of indigenous struggles that are safely far enough away that you can seem all rad for supporting without having to take much personal risk yourself. For the handful of poser revolutionaries that made an insurrectionary tourist pilgrimage to another hemisphere, the ELZN says “Go home, start something like this where you are.”
    Much has been written about this.

    Gets to the center of what we’re supposed to have learned from the 90s. I still grin when I hear some RATM but it’s the teenager in me.

  10. Jay

    Pretty stupid to use aesthetics as a yard-stick of struggle, you come off as a sanctimonious dick even when you’re back peddling …

  11. Yep, I always do my best to cover the wild shit when I travel. On the previous episode I covered a squat in Amsterdam opened by Amsterdam anarchists to be used by refugees

    And on my previous trip to Europe I did an extensive piece on Greece – and screened and crashed in liberated spaces all over the continent. I have a serious appreciation for that movement and always do my best to expose peeps to it.

    Etc, etc. All I’m saying is I do what i can with what I have. Thx for the feedback and keep up the good work.

  12. You on bad chem drugs or you just posted at the wrong placw, lil Jay? :/

  13. Agreed.

    But you may be too extreme on the issue of riot tourists, as you most probably wouldn’t have any anarchist movement or even anarchist book fairs if it wouldn’t be of well-known anarchist travelers like Bakunin, Lorenzo, Emma Goldman, Stuart Christie and many lesser-known others. There’s radical communities in the US, Europe and South America that developed out of travelers.

    While I’m with the ELZN for saying this, as struggles should develop locally before having a wider grip, I’m looking at a ratio of about 300 kms around where I’m from, and the only social “struggles” happening are full of pacification, reformism and cold-blooded activism that would make any of the ELZN people fall instantly depressed if they’d be coming here. So it’s easy to tell some people “go home” when you’re in a position of strength and self-sufficiency. There’s many reasons why anarchists travel, and sometimes it’s out of serious personal and interpersonal needs that also are furthering the global insurrection.

  14. anabraxas

    Why did I write “ratio”… I meant “radius”.

  15. anabraxas

    True that.

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