Stim’s Last Stand

Stim’s back with one more final mothafuckin episode of ITEOTWAWKIAIFF

Year 2019 Length 27 Mins

TFN #17: Technical Difficulties

In this episode of TFN, Stim loses his shit while discussing Trump’s ongoing legal shenanigans, leading to an important announcement.

Year 2018 Length 4 MINS

TFN #16: Klanada’s Coming Pipeline War

This week on TFN we give you a peek into what could become Klanada’s Standing Rock and bring you updates from political prisoners in the United Snakes and Greece.

Year 2018 Length 7 MINS

TFN #15: Chinga La Migra

In this week’s TFN, protests against ICE have been heating up across the United Snakes. We take a look at the dynamics of these occupations, plus the recent victory in the J20 trials and the alt-right’s latest plans to “Unite the Right”.

Year 2018 Length 7 mins

TFN #14: No Tacos for Fascists

This week in the Fuckin News we take on Stephen Miller, the creepy fascist fanboy and former Dick Sphincter protégé, who’d like to turn Turtle Island into a whitey-white-world.

Year 2018 Length 6 MINS

TFN #13: Rodman-geddon

This week on The Fuckin News, we look at the geopolitical shitshow revolving around the Orange One’s twitter feed, leaving a trail of confusion from the G7 Summit in Quebec to the heavily hyped Trump-Kim summit in Singapore.

Year 2018 Length 5.5 MINS

TFN # 12: Law and Disorder

A look at the repression being faced by anarchist comrades in Klanada and the United Snakes

Year 2018 Length 5.5 MINS

TFN #11: Angst in Canuckistan

Settler colonial entitlement in Klanada is a huge muthafuckin problem. Whether it’s pretty boy Trudeau thinking he can just fuck up the land for funzies and skrillah, or Faith “i’m not a nazi but here’s the 14 words” Goldy thinking she can defend imaginary lines from refugees, these dirtbags gotta be stopped.

Year 2018 Length 7 MINS

TFN #10: 100 Nazi Scalps

This week in the Fuckin News we look at the multiple setbacks suffered by nazis and white supremacists in Turtle Island

Year 2018 Length 7 MINS