TFN #15: Chinga la Migra

In this week’s TFN, protests against ICE have been heating up across the United Snakes. We take a look at the dynamics of these occupations, plus the recent victory in the J20 trials and the alt-right’s latest plans to “Unite the Right”.

TFN #13: Rodman-geddon

This week on The Fuckin News, we look at the geopolitical shitshow revolving around the Orange One’s twitter feed, leaving a trail of confusion from the G7 Summit in Quebec to the heavily hyped Trump-Kim summit in Singapore.

TFN #11: Angst in Canuckistan

This week on TFN, we look at Settler colonial entitlement in Klanada. Whether it’s Trudeau thinking he can just fuck up the land for funzies, or Faith Goldy thinking she can defend imaginary lines from refugees, these dirtbags gotta be stopped.