TFN #7: In ZAD We Trust

In this week’s TFN, France’s off-brand Napoleon, Emmanuel Macron, meets his Battle of Waterloo in La ZAD, or Zone to Defend, in Notre Dames Des Landes. Meanwhile, in Hamilton so-called “Ontario”, the pigs launch a SWAT raid against a local anarchist collective house in an attempt to save face after last month’s “Locke Street Riot”.

Year 2018 Length 7 mins

TFN #6: Zuck the System

Fedbook founder Lil’ Zucky’s been in the hot seat this week, in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where up to 87 million peeps’ data was used to help the Orange One get elected. In this week’s episode of TFN, Stim breaks it down for y’all.

Year 2018 Length 5.5 MINS

TFN #5: Le Smashy Smash

Things in France are popping off again. As President Macron pushes to privatize the national rail company, workers, students, and radicals are going on strike, taking to the streets, fighting the pigs, and smashing symbols of capitalism everywhere. But, like in North America and elsewhere, fascists reacted to these inspiring acts of resistance, by violently attacking subversive students in Montpellier. Also there’s a call out for a day of solidarity on April 10th to support J20 defendants.

Year 2018 Length 5 mins

TFN #4: PeePee Tapes and Torture

This week on The Fuckin News, we peep the possible “collusion” between Trump and Russia and take a look at the repression of Russian anarchists as the fucking FSB tries to invent a fake terrorist cell.

Year 2018 Length 5 MINS


Charlottesville Nazi tough guy, turned pathetic scardy cat begging the pigs for mercy, Chris Cantwell has admitted he will co-operate with the FBI.

Year 2018 Length 1.5 MINS


In this Fuckin News Quickie, Dick Sphincter cancels his #FartReich tour, Madd Hindlegs cucks his homie and EDL founder Tommy Robinson get his ass handed to him.

Year 2018 Length 1.5 MINS