Derrick Jensen

Stim interviews Derrick Jensen, author of the EndGame series.

Year 2007 Length 9 MINS

Peak Oil

Stim looks ahead to the end of cheap petrolium and provides a sneak peak to a new documentary, The End of Suburbia.

Year 2007 Length 7 MINS

We’re watching you

Stim calls for peeps to move past petitions and embrace direct action… plus an interview with Scott Kellogg of the Rhizome collective

Year 2007 Length 8 MINS

Free Geek

Stim explains his love of swear words, and interviews David Repa of Free Geek.

Year 2007 Length 7 MINS

Bottled Water Hell

Stim warns peeps living in coastal areas that they should learn to swim… plus an interview with Negar Elmien a researcher at UBC, on the huge levels of waste created by the bottled water industry.

Year 2007 Length 7 MINS

Tortilla Riots

Mexicans take to the streets over a taco tax, plus an interview with Justin Roller on the prospects of using hydrogen for renewable energy.

Year 2007 Length 7 MINS

State of the Union

Stimulator breaks down Dubya’s State of the Union and interviews Conrad Schmidt of the Work Less Party.

Year 2007 Length 7 MINS

Critical Mass

Stim argues with Bush about whether or not people should go shopping, and interviews Ifny about Critical Mass.

Year 2007 Length 7 MINS


Whoa! We made it to episode two. This one is all about cars.

Year 2006 Length 8 MINS