The great toilet conspiracy

Stim counts down the last 500 days of Bush… plus an interview with John Paul Ringo, who explains the Great Toilet Conspiracy.

Year 2007 Length 11 MINS

Direct Action

Stim plays “spot the pig”… plus an interview with Ana from the Anti-Povety Committee.

Year 2007 Length 8 MINS

Global Financial Armageddon

Stim cheers on the global financial armageddon… plus an interview with filmmaker Gregory Greene.

Year 2007 Length 10 MINS

Noah Part Deux

Stim takes a look at climate change inspired floods, plus an interview with Stephen Marshall of the Guerilla News Network.

Year 2007 Length 10 MINS

Mohawks Paralyze Canada

Stim reports on Mohawk blockades in Klanada… plus an interview with Victoria-based eco-troublemaker Zoe Blunt.

Year 2007 Length 9 MINS

World Naked Bike Ride

Stim drops his non-existent drawers and checks out the world naked bike ride.

Year 2007 Length 9 MINS

G8 Welcoming Committee

A look at Putin’s nukes and the recent arrests of NYC Critical Mass participants.

Year 2007 Length 9 MINS

Bike Polo

A look back on Tony Blair’s crimes, celebrations over the death of Jerry Falwell and an interview with Bob Alstead of You Never Bike Alone.

Year 2007 Length 8 MINS

May Day

Tony Blair resigns… plus a look at the past and recent history of May Day.

Year 2007 Length 9 MINS