Here’s The Fucking News!

After a long hiatus, Stim is finally back with his brand new show…. The Fuckin News!

Year 2018 Length 6 MINS

The Stimulator “Talking” Coffee Mug

As part of our efforts to #BringBackStim, we’ve decided to branch out into shameless product-placement with the Stimulator “Talking” Coffee Mug

Year 2017 Length 2 MINS


Last December, we made the the decision to end the stimulator’s show. Well… turns out we fucked up.

Year 2017 Length 6 MINS

The Struggalo is real.

The Stimulator interviews ApeBoy from the Struggalo Circus about the Juggalo March in Washington DC, Juggalo culture and magnets.

Year 2017 Length 6 MINS

Hey Nazis! Got Milk?

In the wake of the Charlottesville clusterfuck, we felt we had to put our two cents in.

Year 2017 Length 7 MINS

Fuck Patreon!

We have decided to cancel our Patreon account. Our spokesthing the stimulator breaks it down.

Year 2017 Length 4 MINS

¡Hasta la pasta compañerxs!

Some idiot somewhere once said that all good things have to come to an end. But why? Who the fuck knows? Anyway… enjoy the last fuckin show!

Year 2016 Length 25 MINS

How To Burn An American Flag

In light of Trump’s tweet stating that flag burning should be criminalized, we give you a step by step on how to properly torch the stars and stripes.

Year 2016 Length 1.5 MINS