Burn Down the Plantation

A look at the recent riots in Milwaukee, protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and slavery in the US prison system with an interview with imprisoned organizer Melvin Ray.

Year 2016 Length 19 MINS

Come Home to Roost

A look at the so-called “War on Cops” in the United Snakes, simmering anti-cop sentiment in the UK and the fallout stemming from Turkey’s recent failed coup, plus an interview with anarchist strategist Tom Nomad.

Year 2016 Length 21.5 MINS

The Plague of Nationalism

A look at the fallout from the recent Brexit vote, plus simmering tensions in the United Snakes, followed by an interview with antifa organizer Brazo fresh from some clashes with supporters of the Traditionalist Worker Party, in Sacramento.

Year 2016 Length 21.5 MINS


A look at the multi-faceted insurrection spreading across France, paralyzing strikes in Mexico and Colombia, plus an interview with Colombian activist Marcela.

Year 2016 Length 21 MINS


A look at the receding “pink tide” in Latin America, plus an homage to the 2006 Oaxacan Commune and an interview with Mexican anarchist and CNTE militant Cesar Chavez.

Year 2016 Length 21 MINS

Smashing the Fortress

As Europe batters down the hatches to block waves of refugees attempting to escape war and poverty, the United Snakes is becoming more polarized amidst a resurgent right-wing. Featuring an interview with Paul of All Out Atlanta.

Year 2016 Length 18.5 MINS