Indigenous Resistance

Teia dos Povos

In December 2021 heavy rains punished the south of Bahia state in so-called Brazil. Help a black indigenous network in so-called Brazil to rebuild communities after floods.

Year 2022 Length 2 Mins

The Eviction Still Stands: CGL & RCMP Off the Yintah

No matter how many times the Canadian state deploys its colonial shock troops, the RCMP, to try and force a pipeline through these lands, the decision has been made. There will be no pipelines built through sovereign Wet’suwet’en territory.

Year 2021 Length 2.5 Mins

Oct 9 Railroad Solidarity Action

On October 9th 2021, as part of the Week of Action in solidarity with the Gidimt’en, some folks in Montreal shutdown trains and took the streets for a demo. This action forshadows that if Canada and the RCMP continue their aggression, they will likely be met once again with coordinated, nation-wide actions to #ShutDownCanada. Version… Read more »

Year 2021 Length 00:00:36

Hiladi Village

Hiladi Village is a traditional village site of the Ma’amtagila people. This unceded land and is in the process of being reclaimed.

Year 2021 Length 5 mins

Cancel Canada

As the remains of more Native kids continue to be discovered at the sites of former Residential Schools, this so-called Canada Day offers a time for reflection and a recommitment to the dismantling of the Canadian state.

Year 2021 Length 2.5 Mins

System Fail #4: Landback

In this episode we take a look at the many Indigenous-led struggles currently taking place across Turtle Island.

Year 2020 Length 19 Mins