Free Sean Swain!

On August 13th, longtime anarchist prisoner Sean Swain is going up in front of the parole board. Sean has been behind bars for 30 years. It’s time for him to be released.

Year 2021 Length 1 min

Iran: The Uprising of the Thirsty

On July 15th 2021, people took to the streets in the Iranian province of Khouzestan to protest against the lack of water due to government mismanagement.

Year 2021 Length 2.5 Mins

Call to Action for Palestine

Palestinians are calling for a week of action in solidarity with their national uprising and general strike.

Year 2021 Length 1.5 Mins

Solidarity with Tigray: Week of Action

This May Day, comrades from the Horn Anarchists are calling for a week of international solidarity actions to put pressure on the Ethiopian regime to end the military occupation of Tigray.

Year 2021 Length 2.5 Mins

May Day 2020

These are interesting times. Stay safe. Get organized. Fight hard. Happy May Day.

Year 2020 Length 2.5 Mins

Keep Your Rent

On April 1st, keep your rent. And tell your neighbours to keep theirs too.

Year 2020 Length 1.5 MIN