Cancel Canada

CW: Discussion of Genocide, Residential Schools

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As the remains of more Native kids continue to be discovered at the sites of former Residential Schools, this so-called Canada Day offers a time for reflection and a recommitment to the dismantling of the Canadian state.

No pride in genocide.

#CancelCanadaDay #CancelCanada

Music: No Kanada by Lee Reed (beats by Supa83; cuts by KrymeWon!)

Since putting out this video, it has been brought to our attention that Canada is not in fact the worst per capita contributor of carbon emissions in the world. While Canada ranks worst among the world’s top 10 contributors of carbon emissions, there are several small oil producing countries that have a higher per capita emission rate. It was also incorrect to claim that Canada ignored ALL of the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), as upwards of 14 of the 94 recommendations have now been declared ‘complete’ in some form or another. There has been little meaningful action taken to address inequities stemming from Canada’s colonial relationship with the Indigenous nations of these territories.

For more information on the TRC’s poor track record and Canada’s hypocritical approach to reconciliation, see this report from the Yellowhead Institute, CALLS TO ACTION ACCOUNTABILITY: A 2020 STATUS UPDATE ON RECONCILIATION‘ by EVA JEWELL and IAN MOSBY […/yi-trc-calls-to…].

And for an anarchist analysis of the reconciliation process, check out AUTONOMOUSLY AND WITH CONVICTION by TAWNINIKAY […/autonomously-and-with-conviction…/].

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