Capitalism Will Save the Planet

This week:

1. North Pole Freakout
2. Global Warming Greening the Planet
3. Obama’s strip tease
4. Dick Branson’s Plan B
5. Steward Brant’s Mutant Future
6. Tepco nukes the Pacific
7. Frack Off!
8. Stink bombs for miners
9. You can’t drink money
10. Di Nigunim
11. The Endgame of the Tar Sands

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10 thoughts on “Capitalism Will Save the Planet”

  1. Yo Stim.. On an unrelated topic, Y U NO HTTPS?
    Love the fuckin show..
    Also.. The on the page with the list of shows is a little screwy.. It has the day twice, doesn’t show the month, then the year.
    I’ll stop complaining now.

  2. ze

    God, I hate the Virgin Dick guy.

  3. ze

    The industrial belt of Houston is a total, disgusting abomination to witness.

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  8. Irish The Medic In Occupy Minnesota

    Right On- Love this- Love-Respect from Occupy Minnesota and Idle No More Minnesota – working on blocking the Enbridge XL Tar Sands pipeline # 67 in Minnesota

  9. The coal trains run through some of the most desolate places.

  10. Elle in AK

    Thank you for promoting the awareness of ArcTic pronunciation 😉

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