How to Paralyze a Country



This Week:

1. ReReRepeat
2. Akira was right
3. Colombianarquia
4. Brazil Black Bloc
5. Mescal Molotovs
6. Olmeca
7. Colombia’s farmers revolt!

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35 thoughts on “How to Paralyze a Country”

  1. ze

    Black Bloc kickin some as, man I love that S American shit…

  2. ze

    Dude, why we always gotta hev the fuckling rap “music”–sick of that shit. Its stupi, muy bruto.

  3. Tepco is basically the Homer Simpson school of nuclear emergency management, Fukushima is boiling the Ocean and people are out of their minds to even think Tokyo is safe now or will be in 2020. Great episode, I’ll have to see Akira. Thank-you Stimulator! Also seeing the Casaroles in Columbia is amazing. Great work and many thanks for the quality and importance of this show!

  4. RB

    I liked very much your sedition, as always, but you forgot to tell something about $hile… you should have said at least a few words about 9-11-1973 and the struggles right now.

    Anyways keep at the good anti-work!

  5. Cliftonator


  6. KindlyDevious

    My first interaction with the police in my life was in Bogota, I had the living shit beaten out of me for riding up an escalator, and not being able to speak the language. I was 12. That year according to amnesty international over a thousand kids were killed by police forces, funded by the US anti-drug partnership, but bribed by local shopkeepers to “get rid of the street kids”.

  7. Henke

    hehe nice spelling but I do agree. A little more variety would be nice.

  8. Henke

    Would it be possible to skip the over the top dark voice in ffuture interviews ? Its hard for some of us to hear what you are saying since English is not everyones native language.

    Otherwise another great episode!

  9. Reed

    I liked that song!

  10. curly fucking sue

    Every generation and every movement has its music. Folk embodied a lot of the anti-war/nuke protests of the 60s and 70s. Right now, Hip hop is the soundtrack to the motherfucking revolution.

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  12. wassup with the youtube thing? was that a submedia/stimulator decision, or did youtube cut off the show? more info please …

  13. sonotbruto

    umm punk, metal, and hip hop are the most radical genres at this point and Stim plays ’em all
    Hip hop is pretty much where it’s at when it comes to revolutionary music from around the world.

  14. Cliftonator

    Thrash metal like Kreator are quite radical, not only punk and hip hop.

  15. Anonymous

    I would like to report that I saw on the news in Guerrero a pig point his rifle a man that was taking over the area and five armed men ran up on him disarmed him, cuffed him, slapped him around a little and not one shot was fired. The report was editied and not exactly coherent. It occurred in the week before labor day.

  16. DrMindbender

    whats the name of the spanish rap song with the female rapper that only plays for a couple seconds during the riot porn?

  17. Psyclops

    Yo Stimulator, how could a college kid like me get involved with protests and shit going on? I live in the US so their really aren’t really any protests to be a part of (correct me if i’m wrong.). but itd be great to for example go down to mexico and help out. I’m thinking of becoming a journalism major and i would to know how the fuck you find the people to interview or how you know when to be in a specific place to record and find information.

  18. Psyclops

    olmeca counter culture. it said it while the music was playing

  19. DrMindbender

    not that song. does Olmeca have any female members? derp

  20. I’d say focus on your locality. If nothing’s going on, start something. Set up a radical film screening and see who shows up, find your peeps, they’re out there. Journalism is good route, but what we really need (aside from a million warriors) is some good fuckin lawyers.

  21. Basically Youtube kept taking my videos down for “Copyright infringement” Even though I can claim “Fair Use” they don’t give a shit and I’m on the verge of having my whole channel taken down. So instead of investing into their corporate bullshit infrastructure I’m back to Feel free to repost on YouTube or elsewhere…

  22. Yep yep, just couldn’t find another person to do the over dub, so I had to use my own voice, and well, that would have sounded like me interviewing me. Will try harder next time!

  23. Indeed, it was 40 fuckin years after all. Too many struggles, too many anniversaries of fallen comrades. Please remind me!

  24. Yah, I agree, I’m obsessed with hiphop. But no other music right now covers so many issues important to brown peeps around the world. I’ll make an effort to dig into other music, but maybe y’all can give me tips on punk, metal etc that is also includes people of color, queer folks etc.

  25. Anonymous

    Better informed neighbors will serve us better than lawyers. Lawyers are the heirarchy.

    If you want to do ‘something’ make a sign find an off-ramp and inform your neighbors.

  26. DrMindbender



    excuse me for the drop.

    we love you out here in the occupied kingdom.

    we got good fuckin lawyers, and we got the longest running de-occupy camp in the so called nation.

    workin on the million – propagate propagate propagate!

    keep at em.

  28. Anonimouse

    Civil War,….GnR
    No Handlebars,….Flobots,…

    Thanks for adding the revolution going on in Mexico, is it any wonder that the state and the media reccommend that you don’t travel to such a free space??

  29. Brian

    Bad Brains – punk/reggae brown peeps from D.C.

  30. Gringo in Paradise

    I agree with most of what was said about Colombia with the exception of one thing. The Guerilla were providing arms to the campasinos in the country-wide protest. And that wouldn’t do anything to hurt their position in the peace talks, but rather reinforce the idea that if the peace talks don’t succeed there will be a shit-storm of war. That puts pressure on the state. And no Im not your run of the mill gringo in Colombia watching Caracol news. I was present at an indigenous protest in La Departamento de La Guajira not a month ago. It was a roadblock. When the Colombian army met with the indiginous leaders the main question they asked was, “Are you guys affiliated with the Guerilla or are the guerilla involved with your movement?” When the protest leader said no, it was like the army commander instantly stopped givving a damn about the protest.

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