The Ferguson Effect

Protests at the APEC conference in Manila, anti-police protests in Chicago and Minneapolis and an interview with independent journalist Dahr Jamail on climate change.

Year 2015 Length 19 MINS

A Stone’s Throw from Freedom

IMF-World Bank protests in Peru, Kahnawake Mohawks warn Montreal’s mayor, and an interview with Palestinian anarchist Budour Hassan.

Year 2015 Length 18.5 MINS

Remembering the Normalistas

One year since the disappearance of the 43 Normalista students, we replay our earlier report, plus an interview with journalist Andalucia Knoll.

Year 2015 Length 6 MINS

Erase the borders

A look at the dire situation of people escaping war and abusive governments for the relative safety of the global north, plus an interview with Erin Gallagher.

Year 2015 Length 14.5 MINS

How to Stop Climate Change

A critique of the People’s Climate March, plus resistance to a gold mine in Greece, an update from the Unist’ot’en camp, an an interview with Carlos Perez Guartambel, leader of the largest Indigenous coalition in Ecuador.

Year 2015 Length 15 MINS

Turkey’s Insurrection

Nihilistic news from the climate front, followed by a report on the recent clashes in Turkey.

Year 2015 Length 18 MINS

Anarchy Now! Chile Elects to Revolt

A look at the student movement in Chile, and ballot burning in Mexico, plus an interview with two Chilean anarchists.

Year 2015 Length 17 MINS

This Changes Fuck All

A critique of the People’s Climate March, a look at resistance to copper mining in Peru and preparations for resistance to the Energy East pipeline in so-called Quebec, followed by an interview with an inhabitant of La ZAD.

Year 2015 Length 16 MINS