Revenge of the Fallists

A look at the nefarious corporate power grab called the TPP, plus a look at the recent student uprisings demanding free tuition in South Africa, and an interview with South African student organizer Alex Hotz.

Year 2016 Length 22 MINS

White Canada has a Black History

A look at riots in Hong Kong, street battles in Athens and a looming famine in Africa and parts of the Caribbean. Followed by an interview with Toronto-based anarchist Ajamu Nangwaya.

Year 2016 Length 20.5 MINS

Support your local antifa

This week we look at the growing fascist movement in Europe and what the antifa are doing to fight back.

Year 2016 Length 19 MINS

Sink the Rich!

A bleak economic outlook for the coming year and our very clever solution to fix this capitalist clusterfuck.

Year 2016 Length 13.5 MINS

No Justice on Stolen Land

Black December, battles in Bakur Kurdistan, a look at Klanada’s new assimilationist approach to Indigenous struggles, and an interview with Ant-Loc of Savage Fam!

Year 2016 Length 19 MINS

The Ferguson Effect

Protests at the APEC conference in Manila, anti-police protests in Chicago and Minneapolis and an interview with independent journalist Dahr Jamail on climate change.

Year 2015 Length 19 MINS

A Stone’s Throw from Freedom

IMF-World Bank protests in Peru, Kahnawake Mohawks warn Montreal’s mayor, and an interview with Palestinian anarchist Budour Hassan.

Year 2015 Length 18.5 MINS

Remembering the Normalistas

One year since the disappearance of the 43 Normalista students, we replay our earlier report, plus an interview with journalist Andalucia Knoll.

Year 2015 Length 6 MINS