How to Stop Climate Change

**UPDATE** Comrade from the Hambach Forest occupation arrested and in need of support

This week, we re-think our critique of the People’s Climate March. Then, we go to Germany, where trouble-makers have been regularly shutting down Europe’s largest source of CO2. Then, on to Greece, to look at a growing resistance against a gold mine, and finally to the longest-running blockade of oil and gas pipelines in Turtle Island. On the music break, we have Alas and Savage Fam with “Go Away.” We conclude with a special report from Ecuador, where indigenous peeps opposed to extractive industries blockaded roads last month, paralyzing the country.

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This week’s playlist is:

1. XOC – Super Mario World – End Credits
2. The Pharcyde – Ya Mamma
3. Cypress Hill – Latin Thugs
4. The Pharcyde – Drop
5. Run the Jewels – Banana Clipper
6. A Tribe Called Red – Look At This
7. Savage Fam – Go Away
8. KRS1 – Sound of da Police
9. Run the Jewels – Oh My Darling Dont Cry
10. GZA & DJ Muggs – Unstoppable Threats

Some of the footage we stole came from from “The Yes Men are Revolting,” “Robot Chicken,” and “Superman.”


5 thoughts on “How to Stop Climate Change”

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  2. jiles

    great episode! except one thing…
    you show scenes from last month’s Ende Gelande action in Rhineland —like the smoothest breach of police line I’ve experienced so far— did you know that was one of the active supporters that mobilised for that day? perhaps not so corporate greenwashers after all, at least not in Europe…

  3. A Fan

    There’s this dumb show, and I mean dumb, called “Zoo” that I don’t recommend watching, but there are some clips of animals attacking civilization that you could repurpose for your fuckin’ show. For example, in one episode wolves break in and destroy a prison.

    Thanks for your work, I love the show and fuck copyrights!

  4. starteverywhere

    Oh no! The links are broken, and I’m using tor. Wonder what found objectionable? Me and all my friends ++love your work!!

  5. Well that boggles the mind! First time it has happened, and happened again when I tried to re-upload. Try the Vimeo page and you should find a download link there –

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