How to Stop Climate Change

**UPDATE** Comrade from the Hambach Forest occupation arrested and in need of support

This week, we re-think our critique of the People’s Climate March. Then, we go to Germany, where trouble-makers have been regularly shutting down Europe’s largest source of CO2. Then, on to Greece, to look at a growing resistance against a gold mine, and finally to the longest-running blockade of oil and gas pipelines in Turtle Island. On the music break, we have Alas and Savage Fam with “Go Away.” We conclude with a special report from Ecuador, where indigenous peeps opposed to extractive industries blockaded roads last month, paralyzing the country.

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This week’s playlist is:

1. XOC – Super Mario World – End Credits
2. The Pharcyde – Ya Mamma
3. Cypress Hill – Latin Thugs
4. The Pharcyde – Drop
5. Run the Jewels – Banana Clipper
6. A Tribe Called Red – Look At This
7. Savage Fam – Go Away
8. KRS1 – Sound of da Police
9. Run the Jewels – Oh My Darling Dont Cry
10. GZA & DJ Muggs – Unstoppable Threats

Some of the footage we stole came from from “The Yes Men are Revolting,” “Robot Chicken,” and “Superman.”