Turkey’s Insurrection

This week, we bring you nihilistic news from the climate front, plus an update on the revolt in Turkey following the suicide bombing of Rojava supporters. Plus, a Turkish comrade gives us an in-depth look at the political landscape in the region. For background, check out our report on the Rojava revolution.

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This week’s playlist:

  1. XOC – Super Mario World – End Credits
  2. Justice – Stress
  3. DJ Angel – Exotic Tiki Music Mix
  4. Boom Bip – Pele
  5. J Dilla – Track 36
  6. Boom Bip – Awaiting an Accident
  7. Jay Lib – Survival Test
  8. Mahmod Sulaiman – Sere Rojava
  9. Madvillain – Shadows of Tomorrow
  10. Jay Dilla – Track 3 (sorry, can’t find a link!)

Some of the videos we use come from “Arlington Drive” and “Mad Max,” but most importantly from Global Uprising’s amazing docs on Turkey.


8 thoughts on “Turkey’s Insurrection”

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  2. Noob

    Heya Stim,

    What’s the go with the Amy Goodman bit? I feel like I’m missing the joke or some shit.

  3. Maybe it’s a failed joke. Amy is so serious that once can hardly imagine her chewing someone out. But alas, we extracted that bit from one of her show where she quotes a fuckin pig and re-contextualized it. We still love listening Democracy Now! though, heh!

  4. Anonga

    You should put also put a qr code link for bitcoin donations I don’t have wallet on my computer I just use my pphone and scan qr codes on the computer, its a little more secure for me that way.

  5. Cleave

    Good to have you back Stim!

  6. Nooblag

    Ahhhh, of course, I get it now then! Noob ol’ me thought for a sec that it might’ve been a piss take about some behind-the-scenes squabble or something, and I felt like a dumbass cos I was missing the goss. But yeah, for sure: Don’t worry Amy, we still love your work. You too Stim 😉


  7. JAJA

    Hey, I loved the way you kept saying ‘Bookchin books’ in the Rojava episode. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, just thought it was awesome!

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