Big Brother, eh?

A look at Klanada’s totalitarian new surveillance law, Bill C-51.

Year 2015 Length 17 MINS

May Day is Gray Day

A wrap-up of May Day revolts around the world, followed by a look at the Baltimore Rebellion, and finishing off with an interview with Hilda Legideo, the mother of one of the 43 missing Normalista students.

Year 2015 Length 15.5 MINS

The Gulabi Gang

A look at the Gulabi Gang, who are smashing patriarchy in India, followed by an interview with journalist and author, Dawn Paley.

Year 2015 Length 16.5 MINS

Eric McDavid: Free at Last!

Update on the NYPD “work to rule” protest, anarchist repression in Madrid, Barcelona and Bristol, plus an interview with freed anarchist prisoner Eric McDavid.

Year 2016 Length 16.5 MINS

Ferguson Redux

A special report on the riots that broke out in the wake of the “no indictment” verdict in Ferguson, plus an interview with’s Franklin Lopez.

Year 2014 Length 21.5 MINS