Food Fight!

Food riots in Venzeuela, a report on La ZAD, clashes in Spain and more!

Year 2014 Length 18.5 MINS

Organizing Revolt

A look at nazis in the Ukraine, anti-fracking struggles, an interview with Peter Gelderloos on Barcelona’s assembly movement, and more!

Year 2014 Length 18.5 MINS

The War on Christmas Trees

The doomsday clock won’t keep proper time, the Zapatistas turn 20, and a look at anarchists hatred of Christmas trees.

Year 2014 Length 14.5 MINS

Front End Loader Dreams

Mi’kmaq show a better solution to climate change than we’ll see at the COP 19, plus Greeks and Ukrainians compete in a riot porn showdown.

Year 2013 Length 12 MINS

Fear of a Black Bloc planet

2013, 17.5 mins This week: 1. Herman Wallace RIP 2. The KGB’s in da house 3. Mexico never forgives 4. Brazil’s Black Bloc 5. Pussy Riot 6. Who are the warriors? Download SD (134 mb) * Download HD (645 MB) * Download OGG (77mb) * Torrent * Archive Page * Vimeo * Translate

Year Length

Stim goes to the Tar Sands

Stim pays a visit to the Mothafuckin Tar Sands. Plus riotous updates from Turkey and Brazil.

Year 2013 Length 15.5 MINS

Abolish the Police

A reasoned argument for the abolition of the po-niners, plus an interview with Raquelle of the Justice for Levi campaign.

Year 2013 Length 17.5 MINS