Anarchy in Rojava: A Libertarian Revolution in the Middle East

In this sedition, we look at the fierce men and women who have been fighting the head-chopping Islamists of I.S.I.S. to create a libertarian commune along the border between Syria, Iraq and Turkey. On the music break, we have Kurdish rapper Rezan with “Em Kurdin.” Our guest this week is Chris Dixon, author of “Another Politics,” a book about anti-authoritarian organizing in Turtle Island.

For Japanese subtitles, press CC.

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14 thoughts on “Anarchy in Rojava: A Libertarian Revolution in the Middle East”

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  2. loba

    hey stim, what’s with the nationalist music video?

  3. That’s one way to look at it. Another way us cultural pride. Checked in with Kurdish comrades and they we down with the track.

  4. Newcommie

    So I think to say the Kurds are an anarchist movement because their “leader” likes to read Bookchin, is kind of a far stretch. I think people of a strict Anarchist tendency have a bad habit of pointing at Communist or national liberation movements that are egalitarian in nature and be like “omg it’s kinda like anarchism… therefore it’s anarchist!” Nah. That being said, I think more anarchists support movements that have a necessary amount of authority to establish equity against oppressors, yet then deny that those structures of authority exist within those movements.

  5. Hey Newcommie thanks for your comments. The title “Anarchy in Rojava” was a bit tongue in cheek, so to clarify there’s no broad claim that the whole of the resistance in Northern Syria is an anarchist commune. That said, it’s important to recognize that Bookchin’s anarchist ideas have been pivotal to the organization that’s occurring in the liberated zones.

  6. isissy

    Oh yeah and if you want to organize regular screenings of this fuckin show, here’s the schedule until May.


  7. joseph dejacque

    What a bullshit in the intro, the word libertarian was NOT invented by Reclus, but by Joseph Dejacque quiet some years before. He (dejacque) even made a newspaper named LE LIBERTAIRE from 1858 (!) ’till 1861… Just to mention… Not that it’s not true that the proprietarians are fucking recuperating idiots…

  8. bookchin no books

    where can we get online bookchin’s books?

  9. F the haters – that episode was great – best wishes to the comrades in rojava

  10. josy

    from where is the first video about the word libertarian?
    anyway great show, keep it up!

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