Words That Start With F

A report on the reaction to the grand jury decision in Ferguson, where racist pig Darren Wilson got away with the murder of unarmed black teen Mike Brown

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6 thoughts on “Words That Start With F”

  1. md

    what’s the name of the track?

  2. koko

    What music is used during this video?! I hear two different songs.

  3. whats the name of the song in the video? (not kumbaya, haha)

  4. Anonymous

    If you call a lawyer it’s your own damn fault if you go to jail.


    If you ask them to prove jurisdiction and hold them on point, the charges will likely be dismissed.
    They have nothing to prove jurisdiction, except the pointing of a gun.
    Court is all public relations, if you show you know their game they will likely hustle you out of there before you educate your fellow slaves.

  5. Anonymous

    Better than your lawyer’s number on your arm, learn how to confuck the system by demanding they prove jurisdiction.
    They have no proof that you voluntarily and knowingly agreed to their having power over you.
    Once jurisdiction has been challenged it has to be proven for the record, if you don’t challenge jurisdiction then you agree to it.

    Eric Whoru

    Both of these fellas are leading the charge out of slavery.

  6. Anonymous

    Oops, looks like I have been here before.
    When are you going to take what I have said to heart?

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