This week, we bring you an exclusive report on the pandemic that’s infecting the globe: Insurrecto-Riotosis. The first wave of the pandemic was reported in the city of Nantes in France following the police murder of 21-year-old eco-defender Rémi Fraisse.

This contagion quickly spread to Belgium, where 100,000 peeps hit the streets in Brussels to show their anger to a proposed package of austerity cuts. In Mexico, insurrecto-riotisis is quickly turning into a full-fledged pandemic, as protests demanding the safe return of 43 students kidnapped on September 26th continue to escalate dramatically. Also, Wal-Mart employees in Los Angeles staged their first-ever sit-down strike against the mammoth retail giant. And all over Turtle Island, a massive fight-back against sexual violence and rape culture has blown up over social media.

On the music break, we have a killer mash up of Keny Arkana’s “La Rage” by DAM.

And this week, we feature an interview with Andalusia Knoll, a journalist with the autonomous media collective “Subversiones,” who breaks down the who, when, what, why and how of the insurrection in Mexico.


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5 thoughts on “Insurrecto-Riotosis”

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    downloadable files?

  2. Anonymous

    Good job, stim.
    Perhaps you can get this page to the folks in mexico,..

    Marc seems to be onto the monkeywrench to their injustice system.

    Ask for evidence on jurisdicition.
    Unless they present evidence that the law applies then there is no jurisdiction, no jurisdiction no judge or court.

    I bet the law is the same in mexico.

    If the prosecutor doesn’t present evidence of jurisdiction then the caae doesn’t exist.

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  4. Antoine

    Thank you for the video; at the end, you noted that there’s going to be a DVD release here in Montreal (I’m a ‘local’…); I’d be interested in attending, all else allowing for it.


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