Our Shitty Situation

In this sedition, we look at the economic clusterfuck enveloping the globe, the mega drop in oil prices and the Greek political party that has the left screaming like Justin Beaver fans, plus some uplifting hip hop to help you pull through from your shitty situation.

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6 thoughts on “Our Shitty Situation”

  1. Daniel G

    Thanks! No torrent?

  2. anonymous

    The sacrifice song about eating rats is over the top. Sacrifice is unnecessary, and struggle should be fun. Who sacrifices themselves to extreme poverty? The ALF? The ELF? Police brutality protesters? The DAF, YPG, or YPJ? Sacrifice is an ideology of specialists in revolution. Although it is good to give up the bribe of passivity and the hope for heaven, I draw the line at sacrificing your life. This hiphop crew is too funky.

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  4. Terit

    The pic of the flipped vehicle after the tar sands resistance part was of the blockade in the elliot state forrest in Oregon (old growth logging campaign)

  5. Ourmanflint

    Hi Antonis,

    Agree with what you say but to be fair to Yanis Varoufakis he has been very clear to his European counterparts that the 3rd largest party in Greece is a nazi party, he clearly clarified in the live debate i watched in france is that they are not a ‘neo-nazi’ party, but a nazi party!

    But what`’s in a name, in Spain where i live they simply call them a conservative party when quite clearly they are nazis.

    love and rage, see you on the streets

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