This Changes Fuck All

“This Changes Fuck All,” our rant where we take on the NGO-led spectacle called the People’s Climate March, plus a look at Peru’s spectacular resistance against a copper mine, and the call from the east to disrupt oil extraction and infrastructure. On the music break is Ontario-based hip-hop group Flowtilla with “Stop Line 9.” We wrap things up with an exclusive interview with Sea, an inhabitant of la ZAD, Europe’s largest post-capitalist occupation.

Cliquez sur  <<cc >> pour les sous-titres en Francais.

UPDATE: Sea and his comrades are facing some serious charges. Click here to help.

Also, the Rebel Rebuild Rewild action camp is coming up near Ottawa:

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Here’s this week’s playlist:

  1. XOC – Super Mario World – End Credits
  2. Run the Jewels – Banana Clipper
  3. Michael Jackson – Beat it
  4. MIA – Double Bubble Trouble
  5. Flowtilla – Stop Line 9
  6. Justice – Stress
  7. Run the Jewels – Crown

This week, we sampled video from Sneakers, Austin Powers, Network and Revenge of the Nerds.


5 thoughts on “This Changes Fuck All”

  1. Okay, thanks to keep pushing for the growing anti-pipeline resistance in east Quebec, if hopefully it GETS to become a real resistance and not more facetious -or at least weak- opposition as we’ve seen too often in Kanada (at least on the settler’s side).

    That’d be nice if you could also promote this text by Klee Benally, which may not have had all the attention and understanding it deserves…

    There’s the French translation that we did and published a few months ago… lotsa people apparantly loved it:

    I think it’s a crucial read for anyone willing to go support/take part in indigenous resistance against those colonial developments. Too many militants are still promoting this “Ally” posture thing that is unhealthy and alienating to actual struggles.

    Speaking of the ZAD… You may also ask the anarchist occupiers of the Zone what they think about similar “allies” in France. They’d deal with them with either laughs or by burnimg their cars/houses. There’s a well-known drug-dealing “ally” (a real-life troll!) who got served this kind of sentence back in 2013. Also those fucking civilized commies who’ve cut far too many trees -without a single hint of guilt- just to build themselves shacks, where they could have simply used pallets.

    Finally, since you and your acolytes are such good VDJs, I propose a small homage to the greatest film villain impersonator of all times (if you haven’t already), telling us about the current/developing Police State in conjunction with the mass industrial environmental onslaught (where you may swap the Uruk-hai for the armored pigs, Orks for the yuppies and Sauron’s tower fr the CBC/SRC tower in Montreal):

    See ya on the front line. Anywhere.

  2. Caelan

    I post your good show regularly on Peak Oil Barrel.

  3. wooo

    there is one particular statement in this video which concerned me. There is an interview with a french green anarchist in la zad and he refers to the inhabitants of the 50 blockade camps as a minority. I think he means we are only a minority of people opposing the airport, there are a lot who are for it… this is how i took it. but … So not wanting to put words in mouths but if he meant it as something like ‘we are a minority in france’ like say the roma then that is dodgy as fuck.

    as a green anarchist and anti-nationalist in a settler colonial country who is active in supporting indigenous struggles I am aware and fear how easily some green anarchists dovetail into international third positionist facism bc of disregard of class analysis.

  4. anon

    Hey! Mother Tareka and Lee Reed in the show! Flowtilla kicks ass.

  5. Port city mike

    Hey stimulator, have you heard of hip hop artist beast 1333 from new york? Check him out

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