Big Brother, Eh?

This week, we break down Bill C-51, Klanada’s sinister new law that would give the Canucks increased spying powers over its population. On the break, long-standing hip-hop act Onyx returns with “Fuck The Law.” We wrap things up with an interview with Antoine, a computer security ninja, about how we can protect ourselves from surveillance.

NOTE – We are looking into making more secure, but this will take some time. If you are using TOR and can’t get the video to load, go to the show page. Sorry for the inconvenience, but do know that we are working on it.

Cliquez sur « cc » pour les sous-titres en Francais.

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Here’s some privacy software we like. But definitely check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s website for more info.

  1. Open PGP – Email encryption
  2. Pidgin or Adium (MAC OSX only) for Off the Record (OTR) chats
  3. The Onion Router (TOR) – surf the web anonymously
  4. CryptoCat – Secure chat from your browser
  5. TextSecure – Encrypted SMS messages for Android
  6. Signal – Encrypted SMS messages for IOS (iPhone, iPad)

The music we used for this show is:

  1. XOC – Super Mario World – End Credits
  2. Etheric Double Soundsystem – We Shall Overcome
  3. Etheric Double Soundsystem – The Obvious (Etheric Double Remix)
  4. Public Enemy – Security of the First World
  5. Onyx – Fuck Da Law
  6. Moby – Mission Impossible Remix
  7. MF Doom – Change that Beat

Some of the samples we stole are from Enemy of the State, Brazil, 1984 and Citizen Four.

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  3. Anonymau5

    TextSecure requires a data connection. There is SMSSecure fork for the lower class you cannot afford 60 dollars a month phone bills.

    Secondly FREENET is the best anonymous network, and I would like to mirror the content you provide to it please take a look.

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