The Present Insurrection

Encana pipelines keep getting bombed and nobody knows whodunnit. Plus an interview with movement lawyer

Year 2009 Length 14.5 MINS


A look at Iran’s so-called “Green Revolution”, plus an interview with Bruce Beavers, a resident of the Nickelsville tent city.

Year 2009 Length 12.5 MINS

The Hypocratic Party

Stim interviews Ward Churchill, author of Pacifism as Pathology, who breaks down Obama’s recent speech in Cairo.

Year 2009 Length 15.5 MINS


An acronym-filled look at free trade agreements, plus an interview with anarchist archivist Alan Antliff.

Year 2009 Length 11.5 MINS


A look at the occupation of the New School in NY, plus an interview with Skidmark Bob of Radio Free Santa Cruz.

Year 2009 Length 12 MINS

Spring of Rage

Workers in France kidnap their fucking boss! Plus an interview with Heydon Prowse and Carmen Fishwick of Don’t Panic Magazine.

Year 2009 Length 10 MINS

Goose Liver Revolution

Stim discovers the cure for cancer! Plus an interview with RNC8 member Rob and Lindsay from C.R.A.S.S.

Year 2009 Length 12 MINS

The Five Cock Rings of Death

The Tar Sands kill ducks. Plus an interview with Alissa Westergard-Thorpe of the Olympic Resistance Network.

Year 2009 Length 11.5 MINS

Worldwide Slave Revolts!

Peeps around the world revolt against austerity… plus an interview with legendary hip hop artist Boots Riley, of the Coup.

Year 2009 Length 11 MINS