RNC Emergency Dispatch #1

At 9:15 Friday night, the Saint Paul Police entered all doors of the RNC Convergence Space in St. Paul, MN, with guns drawn. The Space serves as a community center and organizing space for the upcoming protests against the Republican National Convention. At the time of the raid, people were sitting down to dinner and watching a movie.

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6 thoughts on “RNC Emergency Dispatch #1”

  1. jdog

    St. PoPo lighten up.

  2. mokey

    is there a way to directly download the mp4 file? i remember that there used to be but i’m not currently seeing the link.

  3. WSmart

    Dust and rocks: in a world where all women hide away in their feelings of love and never develop their human side, there would be no beauty, to my eyes, sustained by eternal hope, the unseen future, when once again our hearts might beat as one, the wound to heal, my tears to cease.

  4. andrew


    Look at the rss feed. There’s a direct link in there.

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