We at subMedia believe that if anarchists and anti-authoritarians are serious about building a better world, we must create our own media and build our own autonomous infrastructure. Over the years, we have produced hundreds of videos showcasing anti-capitalist and anti-colonial resistance, providing an anarchist analysis of current events, and seeking to introduce new generations to radical theories and movement histories that are often overlooked or demonized by more mainstream media outfits. Our films and short videos have reached millions of viewers in dozens of countries around the world, and have inspired many people to stand up and fight back. In 2020 we co-founded Kolektiva, an internationalist project that provides autonomous and secure digital media platforms for anarchists and anti-colonial revolutionaries around the world.

We do this as a small, independent media collective that depends entirely on viewer donations in order to fund our work and operations. We can’t do this without you. If you are a fan of subMedia, please consider signing up to become a regular monthly sustainer or making a one-time donation to help us cover our costs.