6 thoughts on “RNC Dispatch #4”

  1. veganarchi

    Election, vote for this national lie. The corporazi party slyly divides and “I’d rather fuckface than asscock” chatter erupts in public places, not unlike flatulence. If there is salvageability of US politics it LIVES peacefully in votes, everyone’s vote for the Green Party (two American African womyn, YAY) or the alternate, with unsalvageability, HATES violently in the new-age armed revolution coming soon to the streets near you….

    The status system will continue plying fears together with lesser of evils votes perpetuating the only actual, purely deceptive pure evil; G.W. Despot Investments LLC…..Clinton…G.H.W…etc….ad illuminatum.

    Roots Movements! Bust the crete, hold shit down!


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  3. equalrightz4all

    This is the first Submedia production I’ve ever viewed. The rights of journalists such as Joe La Sac and DN! crew are very important and must be protected diligently. I am disappointed politically left protesters resorted to such forms of negativity such as destruction of private property and violence because it only hurts the cause of those who protest non-violently without acting like an angry mob. President Bush rallied center and right wing proponents against the “angry left” at the RNC and violent and destructive leftist protesters fed right into the negative fear tactics and left stereotypes of the left being an irrational overly-emotional mob which is not the case at all for the overwhelming majority of the left. Those violent and destructive elements of the left will inevitably hog all the attention, tarnish the legitimacy of the leftist agenda and inevitably instigate painful and costly consequences for those who protest non-violently and non-destructively. It’s like Islamist terrorists and patriarchs: most Muslims are peaceful and respect women equally but a slim minority of Muslims dominate the media presence of Islam in the “West” and create false stereotypes and FEAR that feeds the influence of right wing reactionary ideologies. Exposing the truth is far more effective then feeding fear mongers, I would think the later is completely counter productive in this situation. Take Noam Chomsky for example: calm, full of under-appreciated historical facts and figures and convincing arguments. Shitty proverb attempt: Don’t pick a fight you aren’t likely to win (violence and destruction)…pick a fight you are more likely to win (peacefully informing others). I’m proud of those who protested peacefully and stood their non-violent ground in the face of iminent unjust police brutality, you garner the support and sympathy of many and I am upset many of you were hurt and jailed.

  4. equalrightz4all

    There is no way to peace; peace is the way.

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