5 thoughts on “RNC Dispatch #3”

  1. gratonite9

    Hey Stim and other smart people,
    I just made the call as requested by Democracy Now! and they (aka. tired, kind of rude lady at St. Paul Sheriff’s) tell me Amy has been released. Sitting in Northern California and appreciating all that you do and continue to do. I gave what my puny bank account could handle, but ask me again in a week. And I know it’s probably bullshit, but please tell me no one was collecting pee to toss…that’s just stupid. Courage y’all, we are with you.


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  3. N0ahFrank

    The meat head who arrests Amy Goodman is wearing a Camelbak(water-filled backpack) with desert cammo. This is a strong indication that this man has seen duty in the middle east, and furthermore exemplifies the increased militarization of our police. These men and women may have had little time to recover from intense battle situations in the military, possibly suffering from undiagnosed P.T.S.D., and now they are given ROBOCOP body gear and billy clubs and set free on our citizens and reporters. I FEAR POLICE! Some of them want to hurt me just because I don’t shave my face…
    STIM is the Motherfucking man! â™ 

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