RNC Final Dispatch

1. Kissinger is mute
2. Lambert is Free
3. Wendy is Free
4. I-Witness is Raided Again
5. Torturing the “Terrorists”
6. Champions
7. Final thoughts

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6 thoughts on “RNC Final Dispatch”

  1. nobody

    Hiatus? Isn’t that some shit. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your DNC and RNC coverage. Thank you. My friends are probably glad you’re on extended break because I’ve been shoving every episode down their throats.

    Follow your passion. I look forward to seeing what you focus your efforts on next.

  2. Awww! I just stumbled upon this site a week ago ;'(
    Please keep older vids archived so I can see what I’ve been missing, and now will continue to miss. Perhaps a notice can be posted as to what’s next on your agenda?

    Thanks for the great work. Easily the best source of alt. media I’ve been able to find thus far.

  3. jdog

    Hey Stim –
    I was smiling thru my tears during the end of (T)he (E)nd (o)f (t)he (W)orld RNC FINAL DISPATCH.

    Big-Ups to submedia for coverage of the global shit$torm,
    & reminding all slaves that we each have the power to be a match that ignites the fuse, if only we choose to stay awake

  4. masquim

    Well shit! I hope you stick around and keep producing more quality work. Your crap has been an invaluable tool in the education of my kids. My 6th grade son has you up on his MySpace, bringing the Resistance to his hick-town class. (Yes, there is a new generation of Revolutionaries!) Thanks for the efforts – and give me a shout when you need some heirloom tomato seeds for your garden! Let us know where we can find your new work!

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  6. JamesTruth

    McCain &Affiliates Attempting Our Murders. McCainattacks(dot)blogspot(dot)com;
    thefreedomfellowship(dot)blogspot(dot)com/2008/10/mccain-linked-to-cross-border(dot)html Using FBI to Attempt Our
    MURDER to Silence Protests of McCain Lobbyist Northwest Airlines Vicious
    Profiling Attack Upon My mother and I – Many Attempts At kidnapping/Murder
    in Cross Border Collusion here in Canada-Northwest =top 2 clientelle of McCain Legal Council& Official McCain Campaign Airline carrier PLEASE SPREAD!

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