Occupy the Machine

Peeps at Occupy are slowly learning the lesson that the cops aren’t their friends.

Year 2011 Length 13 MINS

Is this a revolution?

Updates from the Arab Spring, plus a comparative look at how Occupy matches up.

Year 2011 Length 12.5 MINS

We are the 99%

The Occupy movement spreads… plus an interview with Japanese anti-nuke activist Higuchi Takurou.

Year 2011 Length 13 MINS

Occupy Wall Street

Hunger strike at Pelican Bay Prison, comparing to Indigenous resistance, plus an interview with’s Vlad T about Occupy Wall Street.

Year 2011 Length 13 MINS


A look back at the coup in Chile, and the impressive streetfighting abilities of Egypt’s ultras, plus an interview with ELF spokesperson Leslie James Pickering.

Year 2011 Length 13 MINS

Puck Shit Up!

On our 100th episode we look at the hockey riots in Van-shitty, plus interview some of the peeps arrested during last year’s G20 protests in Toronto.

Year 2011 Length 15 MINS


An update on resistance in the UK and Bahrain, plus an interview with Stephen Sheehi, author of Islamophobia: the Ideological Campaign Against Muslims.

Year 2011 Length 14 MINS

World on Fire

A look at the clusterfuck at Fukushima, plus an interview with Oz, a member of a UK collective squatting the mansion Saif Gaddafi.

Year 2011 Length 12 MINS

The Dominos Fall

Peeps occupy the capitol building in Madison Wisconsin… plus an interview with video ninja Brandon Jourdon on the anarchist scene in Greece.

Year 2011 Length 14 MINS