Riot 2010, Part 2

This Week’s episode was co-produced by the good folks of Iconoclast Media:

1. Off with their heads
2. Anarquia en Espaina
3. The Master Warriors of Insurrection
4. La Rage
5. Report from Belarus

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6 thoughts on “Riot 2010, Part 2”

  1. n.t.

    need subtitles on that interview…

  2. alf

    Nice set of riot footage there! could do with subs or a transcript for the Alex Korpin interview? Cant make head or tail of it with his voice so scrambled.

    Cheers and enjoy the end.civ tour!

  3. anarseniciste

    Proper job ! But I think it would be worth it to add subtitles to the interview with the Belarus guy, cause it’s sometimes hard to get what he says through the distorsion…

  4. nik

    Lovely episode! Defiantly one of my favorites..

    Any chance someone can make a subtitle track for the interview? I’d try and do it myself but I’m having a real hard time understanding it with the distortion. I get most of it but am missing a lot still. I’ll transcribe what I can and maybe folks can help me fill in the rest?

  5. gerrit

    good film, nice 🙂

    while people are already talking about subtitles, is there someone here who can make a translation script for this or a earlier episode so i can translate it in dutch.

    love this site 🙂

    greets from the Netherlands

  6. nik

    OK… I’m gonna try and sub for this. But it’s hard and I’m busy on another project sooo.. if anyone wants to help, please post here your best to transcript continuing on from what I have. And post what you think he’s saying in the spots I’m missing “(something)”


    well belarious is the contry that came up with the ussr. it’s former ussr republic. it was formed in 1992 or somthing like that. its a repulic about.. curently like a dictator or somthing like that. maybe latin american style (something) culminating in 15years. the economic status capitalistic socialist state.. there making some social (somthing) there’s this one guy (something) taking the money (somthing)”

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