Riot 2010, Part 1

This week:

1. Olympic Resistance in Vancouver
2. RBC gets torched
3. They few, we many
4. Talkin’ bout a revolution
5. Matthew Morgan-Brown speaks to subMedia

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14 thoughts on “Riot 2010, Part 1”

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  2. Jane Scharf

    Matt says his that his, “charges against me were withdrawn for lack of evidence”. This is not true the charges against him with stayed which means they can be activated at anytime for a set amount of time.

    Also your piece says Claude, Matt and Roger were arrested and charged with RBC fire bombing. This is also not true only Matt and Roger charged. And they were not charged with a firebombing which would have been considered terrorism they were charged with arson no terrorism only property damage.

    And no mention of the fact that the third person in the video has not been charged and the police are not looking for anyone else. And if the police are satisfied that Matt is not guilty why are they not looking for two more people.

    Jane Scharf

  3. stimulator

    Hey Jane, I never said that Claude, Matt and Roger were charged with bombing the RBC I said they were arrested and charged “in connection” with the RBC bombing.

  4. Pierre

    Just so everyone knows, Jane Scharf has not attended any of the court dates for the June 18th arrests (Claude, Matt, Roger). She has made a lot of false and insulting statements about the J18 defendants and pretty much everything she says should be ignored.

  5. matt

    hey, ya i misspoke. my charges were stayed, not dropped.

  6. Jane Scharf

    Claude was not charged in connection with the RBC Fire he was charged with smashing another RBC bank window no different bank and no fire.

  7. Jane Scharf

    You say in the video Matt your charges were withdrawn I said they were stayed.

  8. Jane Scharf

    Other way around Matt.

  9. Jane Scharf

    Claude never charged in connection with RBC Fire.

  10. Jane Scharf

    Ya I would call an undercover cop Francios Leclerk inciteing a crime, participating in a crime and then a group of so called activists trying to cover this up a conspiracy.

    Jane Scharf

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  13. Hal

    GOOD! Let the masses destroy the big corp scumbags, set fires and raise hell.

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