8 thoughts on “We are the Insurgents”

  1. LoLo

    thanks 4 the stimulation.

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  3. The motherfucking tar sands really piss me off. No one ever seems to consider getting off the oil can completely. We can do it, but the money interests want to milk the last dime out of oil, no matter what the long-term costs are to the environment, Human Beings and other critters.

    As for the motherfucking police, paramilitary and military: they are either brainwashed, stupid, corrupt or willing tools of the oppressive, propertied class. Fuck ’em. I refuse to “support our troops” or anyone else’s. I support the resistance to any system that produces “troops,” wars and imperial force projections.

    Thank You for being so stimulating, and for keeping us informed of the resistance, worldwide.


  4. dissent

    youre a good man. much props to you and your crew! love when possible, peace when applicable! viva la anarquistas!

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  7. blackops

    nice to see someone notice cameron’s a douchebag. the real test is to from now on ignore this assclown’s films. I refuse to see avatar, and assume most people that DO see it are scumbags. over 500 million to make a film about saving the earth? come on! where is the logic in that? hollywood should burn. ignore it! our TIME should be SPENT on saving the earth and supporting real art that comes from the SOUL.

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