9 thoughts on “It’s Taco Time!”

  1. Revolutionarybum

    How I wish the nightly news was like this !!!

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  3. xx

    i second that!

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  5. botnik

    Best edition ever! Supreme takedown of bush cop15 london_bacon racistBC. Have a fukkin sweet tvp taco.

  6. Thresher

    hey, for some reason, stim always takes FOREVER to load, regardless of what buffering mode its in. any thoughts, tips? I love watching, but sometimes have to give up waiting for choppy vid to load.

  7. stimulator

    Yeah I’ve notice blip has been sucking of late. I’ve written to them and waiting to hear back. I’ve been trying to stay off youtube for years and I like blip better, mostly cause they give you access to the original file. Subscribing to the podcast is one way to avoid frustration. You can download in the background and once it’s in your machine, hiccups and stalls won’t be a problem. You can subscribe in a few ways which you can see on the top right of the screen.

    Alternatively you can view all subMedia’s clips on (yuck!) Gootube http://www.youtube.com/stimulator

  8. Arjun


    Its been more than ten days since this video. I know you have other projects and other parts of your life, but the resistance is hopping off. We need you in this struggle to keep the information flowing. So many different places are blowing up right now from Ireland to Spain to Burma to Kashmir and all around.

    I am asking you: please make your videos weekly. Keep fueling this resistance movement. Publish the world as it is from the otherground. I mean, come on, with all this wikileaks stuff you could make an episode on that issue alone. Mas informacion por favor!

    In Solidarity,

    PS: thank you slave for all your newest editions

  9. stimulator

    Heh! If it was humanly possible I’d done everymotherfuckin day. Stay tuned this week for updates from cancun

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